Marveling and Cringing

When the demands of time
were less required
mortals marvel
at heaven downy carpet
aside perfectly blended open walls
of lapis, indigo and azure.
Birds serenade in pre dawn.
Aromatic wildflowers sail on air.
Ready or not here I come.
Children shout in laughter.
When the day is done
under the moon
a chorus of crickets
take us to pillowy dreams.

When the demands of time
were more required
mortals cringe
high risers in the view
dark clouds of gloom.

Cars race on black top.
Aggressive horns beep.
Jack hammers hammer
and metal plates crash.
Sirens wail, children fight.
Gun blast and bodies fall
TV’s shouting lies
And the night mares
The night mares
Wake us through the night.

K.Wilhelmina Floria 1/2013

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