The Usage of You and I

It really gets me when people don’t know the simple rules of grammar. I don’t have a master and can always learn from others so I will school you on this little tid bit.

When you write a sentence like the title of this post, “The use of you and I”.  “I” is incorrect it should be “me“. The use of you and me, I know it’s an incomplete sentence alone. But, why you ask is it incorrect? Because if you drop the “you” in the sentence you wouldn’t say “the use of I”. You would say “the use of me”.  When you write a sentence and you’re not sure if you should use “me” or “I”. Drop the “I” or “me” from the sentence and if you can use the “I” alone then “I” is acceptable. If you can’t then you should use “me.”
The car raced passed Sherry and I. Wrong!

You wouldn’t say –“The car raced passed I.” You would say – ‘The car raced passed me.”
Sherry and I went to see Mrs. Smith. Correct!
Because you definitely won’t say, “me went to see Mrs. Smith.”
The book was very interesting to Betty and I. Is that the right or wrong usage? Figure it out for yourself.
I don’t know all the rules. But I learn as I go along. I appreciate tips and thank everyone who offers them. I mean there are so many like, “there” vs. “their”, “they” vs. “them”, “to” vs. “too” vs. “two”. Then (or should it be than), there is my all time favorite, “who” vs. “whom“. I still don’t understand that one.
I often make the mistake of constantly using the wrong tense when I write. Several people have pointed this out to me. Now I am conscious of it and try to correct myself.  When I read over my writings that I correct, it usually reads  better.  Thanks to all who (or is it whom) that have pointed this out to me.
The above sentence should be: “The book was very interesting to Betty and me.” You got that right.
If any of you have read this far and have a tip to help us all with our writing please share it.  If I made any grammatical errors in this post please point them out. After all I want to submit a perfect manuscript when I complete my novel.

16 thoughts on “The Usage of You and I

  1. I have the worst trouble with this concept. I think I have it straight. I even have written professionally. It’s just a thing me got. Just kidding. But, hey, it’s a good explanation. Later, I’ll read it again!

  2. Great post, Kim, and I think many struggle with the words/tenses you included. Now I’ll tell you something funny…when I was young and in school, I was taught that “you and I” is the correct way. I’m a grammar nut and really try to use the correct words, so I know how you feel. There/their and your/you’re drives me nuts! I’m not saying you’re wrong, either, it’s just confusing because that’s how I learned. However, the way you describe it by using “I” alone makes perfect sense. I just thought I would add some food for thought! By the way, if you ever notice any errors on my posts, please let me know! The less bloopers, the better, and the words I get mixed up on are “then and than!” 🙂

    (now that we both have headaches) 🙂

    1. I got that me vs. i from Writer’s digest some years ago, and it made sense to me too. So I use that when I write. If you catch any of my errors please let me know too. I have the same pet peeves too. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this post. It’s has a very different tone from many of your posts. Don’t get me wrong, I usually enjoy what you submit. You are a talented and prolific writer. This piece just offers another insight into your perspective. I continue to follow though I don’t always comment. Know that you are appreciated!

  4. Unless it’s obvious or I’m reading to edit – I usually don’t catch grammatical errors. I know – maybe I should slow down.

    I would say that my grammatical peeves are the misuse of:
    they’re, there, their
    your vs you’re
    it’s vs its

    If I ever mixed those up – smack me upside the head with a dictionary! 😉

  5. I have the worst grammer and even puncuation, I was a straight ‘A’ student up until 7th grade themn my mind went on the fritz and I can no longer remember or retain that knowledge. saying this only to thank you for imparting that knowledge and I will try to remember these rules of grammer. I appreciate too when someone helps me with my writes. 🙂

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