Yarns~A Gathering of Flash Fiction~Sweet Revenge

Yarns – A gathering of Flash Fiction. 1/28/13

    started a new writing challenge beginning on Monday’s to spin a yarn based on a picture prompt. Submissions welcome all week.  Submit a short story or poem, of five-hundred words or less. Poetry and all genres welcome, but we do ask that you preface your post with a disclaimer if it contains graphic sex or vulgar language to avoid offending anyone.

A new photo will be presented each Monday so you can spin a new yarn.

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Now, on to the fun


Sweet Revenge
311 words
“Oh Charlene, will you bring me a glass of lemonade?” Mary calls from the back patio.

That lazy ass bitch, she really thinks she’s a diva. So what she gets up early in the morning and drops the kids off to school. So what she goes out to works every day. Does she forget I get up early too? I fix breakfast, pack lunches and cook dinner for all of us.
Mary takes out the glass pitcher.
Just because I don’t leave the house I still have a job. While I’m playing servant all day my assignments pile up. Then while Mary is sleeping I’m up until the wee hours of the morning typing up contracts, proposals and various memos to meet my deadlines.
Mary puts three cups of sugar in the pitcher, ice cubes. Then she gets the lemonade she made earlier and pours it in the pitcher and stirs.
Then she has the nerve to sleep in on the weekends. While I take her daughter to girl scouts and mine to dancing class. After I pick them up I treat them to lunch. You would think she would cook dinner. No she comes in the kitchen asking if I’m cooking anything.
Mary slices two lemons and drops them in a pitcher.
It’s me who get the girls up and dressed for Sunday school. While she sleeps in late yet another day. I am tired something is going to change around here. We brought this house together. I pay my fair share.

“Hey Charlene, will you bring me some lemonade” Mary yells.

“I heard you the first time!” Charlene yells back.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t think you heard me. You didn’t have to bring the whole pitcher.”
Mary screams, “ARE YOU CRAZY?”

Charlene smiles with satisfaction as sticky lemonade drips from Mary’s just washed and styled hair.

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  1. Oh – this can’t be good. All that frustration built up is never a good thing.
    Nice write though. You’re so good at these prompts!

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