My Human Right is My Right

On February 3, 2013 I reached the ripe young age of 53. I am proud to say I am no longer a child. I don’t have to abide by anyone’s authority, except for the laws of the universe. I don’t even have problems with man-made laws because I don’t break them. Especially those, that coincides with the laws of nature. Such as I do not steal, I do not kill nor do I condone stealing and I especially I do not condone killing. However I can understand why humans in their sometimes limited ability to reason, may find just cause to do both. A parent with hungry children will steal to feed their babies. A person who feels they have been treated unfairly may believe they have no other recourse but to retaliate, pick up arms and kill innocent people. That does not make it right but none the less it is understandable. Understandable but not justifying.


This is my standpoint and as an adult, which I am, it is my right whether you agree with me or not. In every meeting of the minds there are always differing opinions. As it has been said, opinions are like ass holes everyone has one. There are some ass holes that have opinions and do not respect your right to yours and resort to calling you stupid and dismissing you, if your views differ from theirs. That is wrong and a total lack of respect. This is a form of bullying.

In our universe there are balancing forces. Where there is darkness there is light. Where there is joy there is sadness. Where there is health there is sickness. Where there is ugly there is beauty. Where there is negative there is positive. To find peace inside ourselves we have to respect these laws of nature and understand the opposing opinions. Sometimes we must agree to disagree. To say I have lost respect for you because you have a thought that is contrary to mine is ignorant. It is one-sided and limiting mine and your intelligence.

How are we to evolve if we don’t see the opposing views? How are we to form an understanding if we don’t respect the thoughts and feelings of each other? Is it our nature to bully each other into submission? Should we turn a deaf ear to the sentiments of others? Isn’t it our ability to reason and converse that separates us from the animals that roam the wild? Should I be afraid to voice my beliefs in fear of being condemned for my opinion?

I am a humble being I avoid confrontations at all cost. But there are times when things get under my skin and I have to speak up. There is always right and there is always wrong. However my right may be your wrong and vice a verse. But we should respect our human right to our own opinions and respect the other.



I would love to hear your human opinion.

34 thoughts on “My Human Right is My Right

  1. John Stuart Mill the utilitarian philosopher wrote in ‘On Liberty’ that in order to make sure that what we believed was right we had to seek out contrary opinions and test ours against them; that we should entertain ideas that we considered wrong so that we could guard against what he called ‘the deep slumber of decided opinion’. So you are right to say that ‘how are we to evolve if we don’t see opposing views’. So much the better for your excellent intellect. Now I’m with you, on the whole, over the right to express oneself, but with the caveat that some ‘opinions’ are now known to be wrong. These are obviously oppressive opinions, such as racism, sexism and any opinion that infringes someones right to live peacefully and free for harm or oppression. The person you are clearly reacting to is an oppressor and has fallen so far ‘into the deep slumber of decided opinion’ that his mind is closed and his opinions appear to express ideas that the majority of the human race have decided to discard as not being acceptable; therefore it is he who must find a way to open his mind and try to see the points of views of others, others such as yourself, from whom I think he can learn a lot about life and the human experience.

    1. Hi Richard,
      I just saw your response to “My Human Right is My Right”. Thanks for your feedback. You know I always enjoy hearing what your opinions are. Yes some people have to follow the status quo as they feel this makes them acceptable in the circles they wish to be accepted in. Most of the times I keep my opinions to myself because I tent to go against the status quo sometimes. Which is really fine because the only person I have to please is myself.

  2. One last thing, his worst nightmare is to be ignored, which is why I ignore him – but I will be more than happy to join up with other female bloggers to share their experience of his abuse. If anyone wants to do this, to let the liberal community know what he’s subjecting female bloggers to, email me at

  3. PS One of his forms of harrassment of female bloggers he abuses is to ‘re-blog’ everything they post, just to show them ‘I’ll do what I like – **** you bitch’ – as he told me months ago. If he does this to you, please contact me at, I’ll show you how to stop it.

  4. Silentlyheardonce, I’m so sorry you’ve been subjected to this abuse, as many other female bloggers have before by the same ‘man’ – I’ve been told who’s behind it, and I’m not surprised, his hobby seems to be attempting to belittle and abuse women when they speak their mind. Let’s just say, the man has *serious* issues with women – since I posted about his harrassment of me months ago I have received a bewildering number of emails from other women who experienced the same. Some of them were truly shocking. I’ve blocked him on all fronts since then, life is way too short for his poison, so I’ve eliminated him from my life. He is a deeply troubled man. I recommend you do the same, but that’s up to you, of course. I wish you well, stay strong, and don’t let this hater get you down – we’re all behind you. Take care of yourself.

    1. Hi Chip, Thanks for your support. I already stopped following but don’t know how to block him. I will figure it out. I heard the horror stories of what went on with you. I too am sorry you had to experience this. But like the old saying what goes around comes around. Stay strong and keep doing what you’re doing.

      1. Thank you so much Silentlyheardonce. The truth is, he doesn’t bother me any more – I was stupid enough to let his vicious abuse nearly drive me off the internet, but I honestly now just laugh at him. He’s a pathetic hater, who also happens to be seriously stupid. I’ve blocked him on every front, so if he’s still sending me abusive emails or leaving disgusting comments on my blog, I don’t even see them.

        I just checked old emails – I got EIGHT from women who were told by him to “suck” a c**k and “swallow”.

        His violent hate for woman is spectacular.

        Again, if you need any help in blocking him, just contact me, I’d be only too happy to help.

        And, again, know that we have your back.

  5. Happy belated birthday, and Happy Valentines Day to you, Kim… 😉
    I have learned (over the years) to keep many of my ‘deep’ understandings of life to myself because I cannot possibly expect another human being to appreciate them. They have been born from my own experiences, which differ from any other little human being’s experiences. As such, I allow everyone their opinion because it is based on their experience. It is only when someone voices an opinion that does not have an actual experience to back it up that I can become a little…. wellllll… frustrated with them… I generally don’t offer any more conversation because it would be fruitless…
    So that’s my opinion, my dear Kim… Age certainly does mellow us; that’s for sure… When younger, I would argue ’til black and blue in the face… Haha… Now I don’t bother…! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. The issue was here on WP and it had nothing to do with personal experience and especially not necessary to be called a nasty name. So this is what blogging is for. A polite vent.
      🙂 I get annoyed by ignorance and bullies so I tend to still get into those toe to toe. But in truth I’m a golden retriever. 😆

  6. Happy Belated Bday to you Kim!
    And – wishes for many more to come your way 🙂

    I guess it depends on the intention or harm an opinion does. I’m all for differences of opinions as long as there is not a bad or hateful intention behind it or it doesn’t harm others.
    And – that’s my 2 cents for what is worh. Not much in this economy 😉

    1. Ok I’m in the cafeteria in the building where my doctor’s office reading emails on my kindle. Your comment about what your 2 cents is worth had me literally. 😆 and it’s crowded in here. Thanks for the birthday wishes. But respect is the bottom line.

  7. Silently, good post! You’re a beautiful person both inside and out.

    I feel just as you do. No one tells me what or how to think. I could care less for weak ass people attacking folks for their opinion. Bullies are worthless cowards who crave for attention. They aren’t worthy enough of my spit.

  8. “To say I have lost respect for you because you have a thought that is contrary to mine is ignorant. It is one-sided and limiting mine and your intelligence.”
    I love this line! I try to remember this when my own niece spouts anti-gay sentiment. She is deeply religious and it is her thoughts, feelings and convictions. I don’t agree with her, but I love her and respect her as a mother, wife and niece, but she makes it hard at times lol.
    I am going to keep this quote in the front of my mind.

  9. Seems like you have gained the one thing that prevents many from being something than a clone of everyone else, you have a mind that is open. I love your philosophy on life it is something similar to how I try to live my life.

  10. Happy Birthday, Silently! 🙂 It appears that for some of us, which definitely includes you become wiser with age.

    I concur, We can agree to disagree without attacking each other.

  11. Hi sweetness. First, happy belated birthday! Second, you were given a voice, a mind and the ability to reason for a reason. Of course we have the right to fight for what we believe in. My personal perspective is that if we don’t see eye to eye, we agree to disagree and continue to walk in love for one another. We MUST love all of humanity, for each human has their purpose, often purposes that perplex us. But we are not the master planner. So we walk in love and by faith that the plan will unfold as it is destined to, and hopefully we have fulfilled our purpose. You are precious and beautiful. I am thankful to know you. Love, Sheri

    1. Thanks Sheri. I believe exactly what you are saying. Some people walk on the dark side and have a hard time finding the light. We should always treat each other with respect and understanding because we don’t know the what the other person is going through.

  12. We can turn a deaf ear if the voice offends – it is the best thing for our soul. To ignore atrocities though is another story. I personally do not want to watch trashy TV shows for instance and cant seem to find respect for those who expose themselves nor those who take advantage of them by producing the shows. So without argument to your main point (which I totally agree with) there is always room for the exceptions. Taking one strong stand one way is not the way but neither is sitting on the fence on important issues.
    My goodness woman – you should be a speaker!

    1. Thanks for your vote of confidence. 😆 I just wanted to say my piece after I was dismissed and my point not taken. I agree with you about those trashy shows. Like all those House Wive shows. I watch very limited amount of TV but those I watch I enjoy. Thanks for your views.

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