For The Love Of Haiku 23 at All About Lemon


The above is a photo prompt for this week Haiku at All About Lemon 

Won’t you come join us?  Below is my Senyru:


We defend the world.
Our great skills come together.
To save human kind.

23 thoughts on “For The Love Of Haiku 23 at All About Lemon

  1. I love it, Kim and it’s perfect for the photo and sends off a wonderful message…but, what is the difference between a senyru and haiku? I could look it up, but it’s more fun asking the expert! xx

    1. Expert haha! A Haiku is about nature. A Senyru is the common people wrote the were about anything else. Senyru was famous for writing this form of a Haiku’s. Senyru is a link in the above post.
      thanks for reading.

      1. Oh, so most of mine have been Senyru because of other topics…oh well, I’ll check out the link, thanks, Kim! There is so much I don’t know! 🙂

        And yes, expert! 🙂

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