A Friday Fictioneer Collaboration

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff -Fields at Addicted to Purple for hosting another week of the Addicting Friday Fictioneer. It is a where a bunch of us ink junkies use our talents to create a 100 word story using a photo prompt. Below is the photo and my story this week. Come try it out.

In addition to my contribution A Collaboration for the Friday Fictioneer on March 7, 2013 was written By Silent Kim and Alastair when you have a chance go check out his blog it’s really entertaining.

After Alastair commented on my FF entry and we started writing this story together.

copyright - Jennifer Pendergast
copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

Every few days they would line up at the top of the spiral stair case. Like a slide at the pool, except there without water. It was lots of fun until clumsy Billy wiggles too much on the final landing. He tumbles, taking out the legs of Natasha who was just being strapped onto the grapple. She is pulled up as she swings and her arc head toward Jimmy who is on his descent. Before you know it Linda has lands on top of Jimmy, Natasha and Billy. It’s amazing no one was hurt. Every slide now, someone attempts this.

35 thoughts on “A Friday Fictioneer Collaboration

  1. A simple ‘slice’, perfect narrative voice pitch and tone and engaging, suggesting much more behind and around the ‘slice’. Great work as usual Kim.

  2. I imagine every child who looked at this picture would have the same vision – let’s slide down it! Great, fun idea, and in fact, a slide in the middle of the house was the first thing my children wanted when we were house hunting! They didn’t get it.

      1. Wow, what a great link. I’m forwarding that to my daughters right now, just to show them what they’re missing ! Honestly though, I’d like it too πŸ™‚

  3. Like a toboggan on snow, only at the playground…I remember…
    Yes I do like Alastair’s blog.
    Thanks for your visit.
    So few stair rails you can actually do that, slide down on, with the newel post in place. πŸ™‚

  4. Nice one. Reminds me of my childhood, sliding down the stairs in cardboard boxes. Worked well as long as the front edge of the box didn’t catch on the step 8^)

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