Friday Fictioneer ~ Let’s Move

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff -Fields at Addicted to Purple for hosting another week of the Addicting Friday Fictioneer.   It is a where a bunch of us ink junkies use our talents to create a 100 word story using a photo prompt. Below is the photo and my story this week. Come try it out just click on this Friday Fictioneer link.

This week is a photo contribution from Lora Mitchell.  I was able to come up with exactly 100 words.  My story this week is rated G for general audience and M for mediocre. You know us writers are never satisfied.

Copyright - Lora Mitchell
Copyright – Lora Mitchell

Let’s Move

I say to him let’s move to the suburbs. We won’t have to worry about parking. We’ll have plenty of room for the Great Dane he always wanted. I can grow some tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and things. Imagine freshly picked vegetables for our suppers. We can get some lawn furniture, I say to him. Then we could put our feet up, relax until the night fall then look for stars and listen to crickets.

After he took an hour looking for parking he comes in with a bag of veggies and an Easter Lilly and says, ‘honey, here’s your garden.’


71 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneer ~ Let’s Move

  1. Another great ‘slice’ story, suggesting so much more from within the short narrative. We can build their whole lives from what you write about them. Brilliant work.

  2. I really enjoyed this take on the prompt – the ‘I say to him’ worked really well. Pity he won’t move – I don’t think it was the vegetables she was going for!

  3. sigh. i can picture her throwing the “garden” to his face lol they should’ve talked about this haha the guy doesn’t seem ready to leave the city soon ^^ great story

    1. You’re right they should of talked about where they were going to live. The one thing about throwing things in your home. You may get some of that anger and frustration out, but end up pissed again when you have to clean up the mess. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Well, I don’t think he’s ready for those two bath tubs in the Cialis commercial. I always wondered why they needed two tubs anyway if those pill really worked. I would take out the word our and just say “freshly picked vegetables for supper.” Nice story, Kim.

  5. Hi Kim,
    Great story. I’m always amazed at the loyalty of people to their geographic location, whether it’s a big city or a hick town. Your story captures that perfectly. Thanks for the comment on my story. Ron

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