Finding the Fallen

The art work is an original by Gee The Artist    Gee and I have known each other for over 30 years.  We share a daughter and two grandchildren.  We are a modern family in this 21st century. Go  over and check out his unique abstract work.
This paining he titled Oops.   I titled my poem ‘Finding the Fallen’.  He gave me a printout of it and was holding it up side down.   I saw the hand dropping a shattered man.  When I looked at the painting he posted I saw that I wrote my poem up side down.  So I wrote the second part.  I inserted the painting the way I was looking at it and then the way Gee wants it to be seen.

 Copy of dee' for poem

Above the field of mortal vision
a judgment call has risen.
A table was set, with a bounty of sin.
Gathered were guest, in coats of skin.
They sat at the right hand,
as it was planned.
But the evil souls crack and shattered,
and became lost in universal matter.
They plummet rapidly, to a dying planet.
Where humans were taking life for granted.
They fell asleep in the brilliance of light
and woke up to the darkness of night.

dee' for poem
In bits and pieces, fragmented and broken,
through space and time without words spoken,
they spun and hurled through a maze of esoteric confusion.
Forgotten and neglected in a maze of shadows and illusions.
His hand opened and reached out to catch the fallen,
then placed them to dress and keep the garden.
Selfishness, greed and the ego were sacrificed and slaughtered.
Mortals were allowed to rise and cleansed in blood and water.

Then from the cloak of darkness, seraphic wisdom was released,
and humankind was endowed with universal hope, love and peace.

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      1. “Each day, and the living of it, has to be a conscious creation in which discipline and order are relieved with some play and pure foolishness.” – May Sarton

  1. Interesting how an interpretation can take new form with a different set of eyes.
    Nice job starting it off one way & then turning it 180 degrees.

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