Friday Fictioneer ~ The Guest

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff -Fields at Addicted to Purple for hosting another week of the Addicting Friday Fictioneer. It is a where a bunch of us ink junkies use our talents to create a 100 word story using a photo prompt. Below is the photo and my story this week. Come try it out just click on this Friday Fictioneer link.  Or you can use the “Links” at the bottom of my story.

The above photo is a picture of Ted Strutz one of our Fictioneers that writes some real creative stories. He is advertising our beautiful host Rochelle’s book. This, That and Sometimes the Other I  linked you to Amazon to make it easy to purchase. So order your copy today.

This week’s photo prompt is one of Rochelle’s .  My story G rated at 100 words.

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Rain gently taps on the windows and the wind blows softly through the trees. The kids downstairs left for school hours ago. The only sound heard in the apartment is the creaking of my Uncle Charles’  steps as he walks from room to room.
When the door bell rings I anxiously open the door to three ladies dressed in white. Sage is burning in the potpourri pot. I light the kerosene lamps and clear the stuff off the kitchen table. We sit facing each other holding hands.
“Okay Uncle Charles we’re going to send you on to the light now.”

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95 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneer ~ The Guest

  1. At first I thought: didn’t she like Uncle Charles then? But on rereading, and his restless walking … he probably wanted to be sent on.

  2. I like the surprise in this story — at least, I was surprised after the first paragraph set up a quiet scene. Thoughtful of the four characters to burn sage and help Uncle Charles move on… I’m sure hanging around and haunting the same house can get old after a while!

  3. Wow that was different!
    Interesting take on the prompt. I like that the ladies were dressed in white. Sort of breaks the stereotype of black and dark arts etc

  4. Poor Charles – I hope he does disappear, and not keep spooking around the house. Nice little twist there, I loved the how the first sentence brought Charles to life, only for the last to snatch it away. Great structure.

  5. You said so much in so few words. I mean this woman had to take care of kids, get them to school and await help for an usual problem. The problem in itself was a neat twist.A dead uncle and not a live one. WELL done!

  6. Sometimes I watch ‘The Haunted Collector’ – this piece reminded me of that show.
    Thanks for your visit to my offerings. I am having fun writing with Alastair.

    1. I don’t know the show “The Haunted Collector” but I do feel honored to be compared to writers of a show. Glad you and Alastair are working well together. He’s a nice guy. 🙂 Thanks for reading and visiting me. 🙂

  7. I love a good Ghost Story… and you wrote one so natural and mater-of-fact like, it made it seem real.

    Well, fellow ‘Ink Junkey’ (everyone is going to think we have tattoos)… what a shock to see my photo here… we all have to help out The Boss, right? Of course, I wouldn’t have done it if it was not good writing. p.s. have your box of Kleenex handy… its typical RW-F.

  8. Loved this. I really wasn’t expecting that ending – brilliant stuff. (And very minor, but you need an apostrophe after Charles, in ‘Uncle Charles’ steps’ or maybe even ‘Uncle Charles’ footsteps’.)

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