A Mother’s Love

Mother’s day will be celebrated in the US in five weeks.  Just as I did for Valentine’s Day I’m making cards.  The following poem is one of the poems for the cards.

A Mother’s Love

It was your snotty nose I wiped,
your funky pampers I didn’t like,
You I cradled when sick
your boo-boo’s I fixed
the monsters I dished
and your tears I kissed.
I loved you through it all,
I will always be there if you fall.
Now I watch you
Love your children too.
Happy Mother’s Day Daughter.

20 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. What a feeling that must be to see someone that you’ve always taken care of & always will – now playing that same rol with their children.

  2. A nice sentiment. To see your daughter as a mother now…how odd that must be. One day I suppose mine will grow up, and I will see this too. 🙂

      1. I actually, totally look forward to that day, when they are not mine directly. Less work. More enjoyment. Lol.

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