Alastair’s Photo Fiction ~ Any Day at the Beach

Alastair stared a new writing challenge.  You can find details here.  The following is my story based on the photo prompt. the photo is one of Alastair’s original.

Photo Credit Alastair Forbes
Photo Credit
Alastair Forbes

Any Day at the Beach ~ 150 words

I remember this day at the beach. The sun was shining there weren’t any cloud s in the sky. The waves were high and the sand was combed. I swam out to sea while children on the beach frolicked in and out of the water. I heard their giggles mixed with the crashing waves and calling seagulls. A bunch of kids feed bread to them. I love to watch those birds hover in the air. Sometimes a kid would toss a piece up and a seagull would dive for it.

I played a game of volley ball. Of course my team lost. We were all drunk on beer.

On the boardwalk I dusted the sand off, then sat on a bench and opened a pack of graham crackers. I was about to put one in my mouth when this damn seagull snatched from my hand and flew out to sea.

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