Heavy Heart

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Lost in an abyss of darkness, searching for
that which is out of my lonely reach, is
a puzzling mystery, I wish
upon a star and wonder why
spiraling in confusion
striving for love, not the
illusion, I saw
the pain I felt
looking for
hurt free

31 thoughts on “Heavy Heart

  1. I’ve grappled with depression my whole life. I really felt your words. That abyss. Writing is good therapy. Thank you for sharing.

    1. So have I. In the past few months I’ve been trying to keep my pity parties in check. But now and then the sadness takes control. I always write myself out of it. Thank you for reading.

      1. in my experience, I have needed to sink in and meet her there…. it has meant dropping what seems like very physical resistance in the body, little by little, until i can imagine her. At the moment I am spending time with a little me…sounds strange probably, but things came up over the week, feelings of guilt and anger…and when i relaxed I saw the little girl I was at 5 so sad because she thought she caused her baby sisters stillbirth… (it was a wow moment for me I didn’t realise I held such feelings) so since then I have been seeing her in my minds eye, cuddling her, reassuring her, basically y integrating her…. i feel different… I hope this helps … it is all a journey xx

  2. the love is out here….when i don’t see it or feel it, i rely on someone to hold up the light and show me…that’s what i’m doing for you….love and light coming your way….

  3. “Imagine a goose in a narrow-necked glass bottle
    How can you get the goose out of the bottle
    Without either of them coming to any harm?
    Easily … There; it’s free”

    – From “Puzzles”

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