Alone in a Dark Place

Photo from DeviantArtLonely Soul by: WiciaQ
Photo from DeviantArt
Lonely Soul by: WiciaQ

There is a room in the deep recess of my mind. A room whose door I closed and locked.  I thought I threw away the key but some how it always find a way to open up.  I get sucked in and all I can do is rummage around lost, afraid and sad.  Somehow I always find my way out.   With ink I search for the door until I find the words that will lead me out.  It just takes bitter tears and time.

Alone in a Dark Place

A child with a heart of stone,
selfish, nasty and unhappy,
cares for herself alone.

Incapable of feeling emotion,
bitter blood seeps in her veins
with a heart immobile and frozen.

She lives behind a wall of pain
starts her days mean and grumpy
the place that her cold soul remains.

Foraging for tranquility and peace,
from the egotist and sadistic bitch,
who’s tyranny fails to cease.

She creates fantasies,
of a magical love that fails
and produces broken casualties.

No peace, only hate roams and haunt.
Tears burn the compassion
in the place where happiness is naught.

Where love is nurtured and free to grow,
could hatred be destroyed,
to let humanity show?

In a dark abyss of solidarity,
where depression rules, is it possible
hell be the obscurity?

21 thoughts on “Alone in a Dark Place

  1. Kim, I am a sister of yours and Stef from childhood. It is Rochelle Frazier. and by the way, how is Lawrence? Please hit me up so I can call you and Stef on the phone. love ro

  2. What a wonderful write!

    For anyone to feel like that – especially a child…so sad 😦
    Sometimes that wall can be there for their own protection. And – sometimes even when that wall can come down – it doesn’t & they never learn to be free.

  3. That is deep and dark on so many levels. I can’t help but wonder if it came from personal experience, or through observation of someone else. Great poem

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