Photo Fiction ~ Life Moves On

It’s Photo Fiction time. A writing prompt challenged hosted by Alastair. The following is the photo and my story. To read more or to get the rules so you can join in  go here

Life Moves On – word count 150

The nurse left for the night and won’t return until morning. She’s alone looking out the window watching the sun splashing soft yellow and vibrant orange over the distant buildings. From her window she can hear people talking as they pass by outside. The birds chatter as they settle for the night.


She’s tired and the fight is gone. She picks up a bottle of white liquid. The instructions say take one teaspoon in a glass of water for pain, don’t exceed more than four teaspoons a day. She pours the whole jar in her glass. She looks at a bottle of pills then shakes them all in her hand. She pops them in her mouth and swallows them down with her glass of milky water. Outside children are laughing as they play in the approaching night. She closes her eyes and waits for the light to guide her from this life.

27 thoughts on “Photo Fiction ~ Life Moves On

  1. Some life choices are easier than others. I’m glad I found your piece, but kind of sad for the loss of life.
    So many stories and so little time to read them all.

      1. Is that the emoticon for wow? Your writing was so powerful it left me speechlessly moved; Wow was all I could think of.

  2. Been there, Kim; not a good place to be…!
    You wrote this piece with great feeling, and an eerie acceptance… I was heartened to read this line – “Outside children are laughing as they play in the approaching night.”

  3. But sometimes it is better to die for once and all, rather than dying every single day.

    Anyways, great post. Got goosebumps.

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