I’m Still Here

Salutations everyone!!

It’s only been a week but it feels so much longer. Especially when I peak at my in box. I know I said it was along winter and I was ready for spring. Well now that it’s warming up (some days) here in the Big Apple. I’m reminded  of another reason that I’m not too fond of this weather. Yea you know, NY the home of Maple trees and those beautiful blossom trees I hate. When they bloom they bring allergies. So for the past week I’ve completed making my mother’s day cards then crawled in bed with a box of tissues, sneezing, coughing, scratchy eyes and a runny nose. I was wondering why the ‘Claritin’ tablets weren’t working when I checked the expiration date I learned they expired in 2010. They worked last year. On top of the allergies I have an infection. Thanks lupus for my weak immune system.

Life goes on right. I take G-son to therapy tomorrow. After we are going to my oldest daughter’s house. I’ll be there over night and return Saturday evening. Hopefully by Sunday I will be to catch up with my emails.

Monday I received a wonderful surprise in the snail mail. It came from sweet Rosy!! of  Sharing Me Myself and I.   On March 26, 2013 I post a I Was Tagged.  I was asked if I collected anything.  I responded by saying I use to collect angels, dolphin figurines and Beanie Babies but no longer collected anything because a few years back I lost all my possessions. I didn’t want to feel the hurt of losing some really special things like the cards my mother gave to me over the years, family photo’s, my kids teeth and my first doll.  There are many things and I cry often over the lost.

Well Rosy read that and asked me for my address.  I was in tears and overwhelmed by the surprise she sent me.  She sent me a beautiful card with sunflowers and sweet words.

Three Beanie Babies and not just any ordinary Beanies but the bear collection Valentino who was born in 1994, Peace who was born in 1996 and Erin who was born in 1997.  The bear collection are limited editions.

beanie babies 009

I feel so much love from Rosy. Imagine a friend meet over the internet could stir such strong emotions of gratitude. I mean Rosy has a pure heart.  This is such a thoughtful thing Rosy  has done.  I love this young lady for giving me these gifts. It’s not just the Beanies alone but that she wanted to comfort me for my lost.  I pray this young lady is always blessed with happiness in her life.

Rosy my love from the bottom of my heart thank you.  Love and hugs always.

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  1. Rosy is indeed a very wonderful friend and sister in our world! Her heart is pure and she is very genuine! I value her as a friend of mine. But you are indeed very special and unique also and your spirit delivers a wonderful light to our world! Always be confident and keep writing and sharing…you are so talented! Blessings!

    1. I was in Manhattan yesterday and on Park Ave. they had these beautiful red tulips opened in the street divider. The colorings were nice and deep. I was in a car but if I was on foot I would have captured them on my cell.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well with allergies, but I hope you find some relief soon, Kim! And what a beautiful surprise this was, too, and very thoughtful! Thanks for sharing and see you soon! Many hugs!

  3. Like you, I love the Spring, but hate the allergies that it brings.

    Gestures like those of Rosy make life so much sweeter, don’t they?! They are the moments that mean everything – small, seemingly ordinary, yet so big in impact. Makes the world a better place and your days that much lighter.

    Be well!

  4. Hi good to hear you are okay. I always say that ‘the world is not my friend’ – but over the internet, reading blogs, like yours, I’ve come across wonderful people like you who restore my faith in the world and humanity. If I’m struggling to comprehend the bad stuff in the news I think of you and bloggers like you who inspire and show what wonderful people there are out there in the world. Rosy just shows that we are wrong to think that there’s no future for the human race with all the war and fighting and inequality, because in the end it’s not what we are, banker, politician or cleaner, and it’s not who we are, son of a banker, daughter of a politician or son of a cleaner, but it’s how we are; how we are is what makes the world what it is and Rosy shows that we can choose to be, not just good people, but loving people with a willingness to show our love. This story of you and Rosy and the gift is the real news, the good news, the story at the heart of what it is to be a proper human being; very inspiring and heartwarming. Thanks to you and to Rosy, through her loving kindness, for making the world I live in a better place, because that’s what I get from that anecdote, that the world is a better place with you and Rosy in it and if it wasn’t for the internet and blogging I wouldn’t know that.

  5. Oh Kim – Had I known about Claritin2010 I would have asked those 3 bears to stop by the pharmacy for a 2013 version of it before leaving to the Big Apple. Hope you feel better soon. Allergies suck!
    Happy Weekend to you. Have fun with your G’son & enjoy the time with your daughter too.
    Much love & blessings to you always…xo

  6. Aww sorry to read u not doing so good and what a lovely thing your blogging friend Rosy did for you! Thank you for sharing, pray u get well soon! God.Bless 🙂

    1. Yes it’s a wonderful jester from from Rosy. I finally got a new box of Claritin, it expires in 2014. I hope I remember next year I need more. Allergies are better, now I exhausted. Can’t win.

  7. Wow. What a wonderful thing for Rosy to do. I know she is an exceptionally sentimental and loving woman. This just goes to prove it.

    As an aside, I *snickered* when you said the claritin expired in 2010. Always typical. I think I’ll have to check my claritin for my kids. That’s probably gone the same way. Although I hope not. I only brought it last year 😉

  8. What a lovely surprise 🙂
    … and ditto – the hay fever season has arrived – I thought I was coming down with a really bad cold, took me a little while to realise what was wrong!!

      1. I’m still snotty, but at least I know what it is! Maybe, because the winter has been long, the plants are trying to catch up and consequently high pollen levels – I’ve not had such bad hay fever in years!

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