Today I Dared to Live

After almost three weeks of my allergies kicking my ass, I ate a bowl of cereal and then packed a bag with two bottles of water, chocolate candy to give me a boost of energy, my IPod with soothing Zen music, my Nikon camera, my kindle, paper and pen and a turkey and cheese sandwich with avocado, lettuce and tomatoes. I packed my meds and my Oxycodone. I also put pain patches on my back, knees and neck.

I caught the two buses that would put me in front of Cunningham Park.

This is where I got off the bus.
This is where I got off the bus.

cunningham park 4272013 025
cunningham park 4272013 001

I folded my cane but decided I should use it to help me maneuver. There was a path to the left and one to the right.

Path to the left
Path to the left

I took the one on the left. I read the signs warning of ticks and poison ivy. I tucked my pants in my socks and studied the picture of the poison ivy. And off I went. The soothing zen music from my IPod filled my head with chimes and bird whistles. I pulled one ear bud out so I could hear nature. I was hearing real birds in one ear and the same bird sounds from my IPod. I couldn’t see any though.

There were many downed trees. I guess they are the remnants of Sandy, who blew through last fall.

cunningham park 4272013 011
cunningham park 4272013 013

After a few yards in there was a huge tree blocking the path with no way around. Feeling my oats I had in my cereal bowl, I climbed. Ignoring the sign I read earlier warning not to venture on paths that were blocked by fallen trees.

cunningham park 4272013 007

cunningham park 4272013 015
As I got further into the wooded area, I no longer heard the traffic. Instead I heard a lot of rustling in the bushes. I popped some chocolate in my mouth and turned to go back. Oh man! I have to climb back over that fallen tree. However before climbing I rested a moment on that big old trees and talked to my sister on my cell. Good to know I could get reception if I need it.

cunningham park 4272013 008

I wonder if this is Poison Ivy
I wonder if this is Poison Ivy
I thought this is an interesting baby tree. Or maybe it's a plant.
I thought this is an interesting baby tree. Or maybe it’s a plant.

When I got back to the entrance I looked at the path to the right. Should I? The pain patches were working on my back but my knees and feet were screaming find a place to sit my old, fat and disable butt down. I’ll take that path another day.

I made my way to the other side of the park and admired the tulips.
cunningham park 4272013 030

A rainbow of tulips
A rainbow of tulips

On this side of the park life was bustling with people enjoying the first spring day of the year. People were walking the cement paths with their dogs and kids were playing baseball. A group of special needs adults were picnicking on blankets under a tree. I wish I was daring enough to sit on the grass. I know I wouldn’t have been able to get up if I did. There were senior citizens socializing in chairs they brought with them. I searched for a bench in the shade to eat my sandwich and rest my tired body for a moment. The few shaded benches were taken. So I sat in the sun . . . yes dangerous for a person with lupus. Good thing I remembered to put on sunscreen.

cunningham park 4272013 035

The only wildlife I saw was this robin. And she wasn't even in the woody area.
The only wildlife I saw was this robin. And she wasn’t even in the woody area.
And this pigeon that I can see in front of my house anytime.
And this pigeon that I can see in front of my house anytime.

So as I sat there in the hot sun and made a mental list for my next nature walk, insect spray, sun hat, folding chair and a buddy. Then enjoyed the view.
cunningham park 4272013 042
cunningham park 4272013 045
cunningham park 4272013 047
cunningham park 4272013 043

I didn’t want to walk another step but I had to catch a bus home. I ended up detouring and had a Caramel Frappachino with extra whip cream at the Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles. I sat next to this lady who was studying or something. I wanted to slurp the bottom of my cup, you know the part where there’s nothing but melted cream and caramel. The good to the last drop bit. I said to the lady, “Please excuse me, I do know better but I’m going to slurp the end of my drink.” She giggled and told me to knock myself out and I did. Yum!

cunningham park 4272013 048

I wasn’t in the mood to take any buses home so I called my taxi cab friend. I waited for him at the bus stop across from St. John’s University.
cunningham park 4272013 049
cunningham park 4272013 050

I showered, uploaded my photo’s and wrote this recap. It was a long day. A quick dinner, some TV then I will catch some Zzzzzz’s.

I hope to share my day in poetry either tonight after a nap or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

36 thoughts on “Today I Dared to Live

  1. Glad you had fun in the woods, Kim! I was worried though about those ticks and poison ivy, happy you went through it without an itch nor bite.
    Enjoyed the rainbow of lovely tulips, thanks for sharing! Will be looking forward to your next posts! Stay well, many hugs!

  2. What a wonderful day you had so glad you could get out and enjoy the day. beautiful photos and the tulips were lovely. You my sister are quite daring to take on the crossing of fallen trees but so glad you were able to. Now rest those knees and feet and let your poetic muse wander through the keyboard making beautiful words. (((xx)))

    1. Yes it was a great day. I stirred the allergies back up but not too bad. I read one of your post that you were going though something. I will read back soon. You are always in my prayers. Hugs.

          1. You very welcome, take all the time in the world. I still have blogs I need to catch up on since been in school and sick… I got a few more days to finish my make up work, and its kicking my behind since I had set back. But Im not going to give up… Many Blessings 🙂

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip with you… Oh yes, I was there…! 🙂
    Great images, Kim.. I’m so glad you’re experiencing Spring; what a wonderful season for being outdoors… 🙂

      1. We are experiencing a wonderfully warm Autumn/Fall at the moment.
        Kim our winters aren’t really cold. In some parts of Australia we see snow, such as the snow fields about 400 miles south. Where I live winter ranges from approx. 46 to 60F. Today was a sunny 50 to 82F; I certainly can’t complain..! 😉

  4. What a beautiful day! So happy that you felt well enough (with help of meds & patches) to venture out!
    If I were nearby – I’d join you on your next walk & stop with you for a nice coffee drink too. LOVE the rainbow of tulips!
    Handsome cabbie – He’s got a great smile 🙂

    1. I would love to spend a day with you. Maybe one day. Yea my cabbie’s a good guy. He is kind to my pocketbook. He’s from Africa and speaks about 5 languages maybe more. He wants to be an interpreter.

  5. Sounds like a dream day to me! Love how you’re taking the time to enjoy your every day moments and kudos for making the initial effort! Can’t wait to read the poetic recap!

      1. North. Canada. But quite north. Lol. There is still a touch of snow on the north sides of buildings. Looooong winter.

      2. Oh yes. I remember when I live up state in NY. This was 30 years ago but winter did linger into May. Rest assure spring will be up your way soon. 🙂

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