He is My Senses

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It is His heart that beats,
in the trees, allowed to grow free.
It is His tongue that talks,
inΒ  the voice of the wild birds.
It is His eyes that see,
in the palettes of the flowers.
It is His touch that caress,
in the gentle breeze that blows.
It is His flavor I taste,
in the scents I inhale.
It is inside I seek,
and find God all around.

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26 thoughts on “He is My Senses

  1. I see The Creator sexless. So it’s a matter of my own preference to associate The Presence as male, so spiritually it is my attraction. God is all and everything. The sun, sky, trees and flowers and each is acceptable to be associated to the All Seeing and Being. Saying I am attracted to the males is still spiritual because it is with this attraction that we keep the Omnipotent Alive and real. Just how I see it.

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