A Real American Hero

Charles Ramsey  YouTube  Amanda Berry  Cleveland, Ohio

If you look at some of the early comments under the videos of Charles Ramsey some black folks were criticizing him, saying he’s an embarrassment to black people. I want to know what black people? The ones who forgot where they came from? The one who think they are better than him? Or just jealous black people who didn’t do anything they feel worthy in life. This morning most of those disgusting remarks I read were marked as spam or deleted. I am happy about, because Mr. Ramsey deserves all our respect.
People are saying he’s story is contradicting. When in reality he’s saying the same thing. The story may deviate a bit and that it is natural, he’s not reading a script. I don’t know about you, but when I recall events I sometimes remember other details later. He first said he didn’t notice anything strange about the neighbors. Then later said he suspected something. We are human and that happens. He may have shaken it off. Do you always follow your first mind? The bottom line is when all is said and done. Mr. Ramsey freed these young women who will now have a chance to resume living their lives.

I even heard rumors that it was another man who didn’t speak English that actually broke into the house to free the ladies. If this is true how did Ramsey get in the limelight? And why would he since he’s refusing any reward there might be.

I’m a black woman and I know this man. He’s that uncle who shows up for the family get together and that speaks his mind. The one who makes us blush and laugh at the same time. He tells it like it is and doesn’t care if you like it or not. He’s the one you call if you need someone to have your back in a jam. He’s the one with a heart of gold. He’s the kind of man who will go in his pocket and give you his last dollar if you’re hungry. Don’t you know men and women like that? Ghetto, rednecks, niggers and poor white trash are stereo types. It’s not where you come from that makes you who you are. It’s not the language or how you speak it that matters. It’s the measure of your heart, the character of your actions that defines the person you are. We all bleed red, we all know right from wrong even if we don’t always do right. Mr. Ramsey did the right thing.

So I would appreciate you sadditie, bougie, uppity ass holes take a lesson from Mr. Ramsey. The man did what most of you wouldn’t do. Get involved and in the interim saved four people from God knows what.  And who cares what he did in the past. We don’t know what went on with him and his wife. He apologized to his wife and did his time. That’s all that matters and it was over ten years ago. Today he’s a hero and that is what counts.

Another thing McDonald’s and Red Bull need to give this man his props and give him some endorsement. Comedy Central, HBO and Def Jam need to sign him up and so we can enjoy his natural wit.
Amanda Berry’s cousin thanked the public and the media for all they have done. She asked for privacy until they are ready to make a statement. I do hope that when the family makes a formal statement they remember what Mr. Ramsey had done.

Below is a music video of the events.  I think it’s a fun and the tune is catchy.  I don’t think it make light of the events because it a happy event for the freed women and child. These are my opinions and I have a right to them just as you do.

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  1. My family thought he was lovely when we saw him on the news. We thought he was refreshingly ‘uncut & unedited’ and he shone with honesty and exuberance, in a way that most people don’t. We all said he’d be a great dinner guest, which is our family way of saying he’s the sort of person we’d get on with. I’m with you Kim. As a UK citizen I often see the ‘fake’ and ‘manufactured’ America on television and for me he was down to earth and real and it made me think more fondly of America, the way you do and the way other American bloggers I read do. Well said Kim. I say Charles Ramsey for President!

  2. The dude is a hero. Point blank period. And that video remix is hysterical. When I saw him on the news – I thought – how refreshing and funny. I think the dude “knows” he’s funny. He’s just got that type of personality. I could watch this a million times, but I am at work 🙂 Thanks.

  3. This man is not an embarrassment at all. He is a hero until proven otherwise. I personally find him refreshing and brave. He is both proud and giving. To befriend him could only mean my life would be better. He mentioned his money problem and his paycheck in the same sentence. Is he looking for something? NO – he is as natural as the day is long. I pray, in all honesty that he is the real deal and that young black white hispanic and whatever hell the rest of the underdogs are called paid heed to his bravery. Okay Kim – you got me going on a subject that riles me to no end. Bias and judgement has no place in our society.

      1. Don’t mind ranting at all. He is a real example of humanity. I think it was a talk show host in the 80’s that said white people were a minority. I hope so because that we are all crossing the racial barriers and becoming one race. Yep! Human. 🙂

  4. A ten for getting involved–so many people turn their backs on those in need. He took a chance and look at the good that came from his actions.

  5. I keep watching the interviews & just love him. I want to give him a big ol’ hug.
    I know…I’m such a huggy person.
    But – he is the real deal & he is a hero with a big caring heart.
    I saw the video earlier today – funny. I don’t think it makes light of the situation. I think it just shows that just like evil is hiding amongst us – so are heroes. And – Mr. Ramsey -is truly a hero!

  6. Standing ovation!!!!!!!!! We in Ohio, or at least thinking Ohioans are proud of Mr. Ramsey. He cracked me up when he said he knew it was serious when a young white girl threw her arms around a strange black man for comfort! LOL. He touched a nerve, but did it with humor and compassion. They are selling t-shirts here with his face on them and I heard he was flown to new york to see Letterman. Through it all he hasn’t asked for a dime. Others, a least one non-English speaking gentleman did rush over to help, but Mr. Ramsey sort of dug in like a pit bull and took charge. He never feared stepping in to a domestic abuse situation, or worried about rushing in to help a white girl, he just reached out to a girl in trouble! I even saw him call “Amanda” the hero cause she had the courage to take a chance for her and the others.”
    Standing O for Mr. Ramsey. If there is shame to be had, it is on the shoulders of the snobs peering down their nose.

    1. Yes you are absolutely right. I went to pick up g-son to take him to therapy and after we go to McDonald’s. I don’t eat Big Mac’s no more but I was going to order a Charles Ramsey Sandwich. But unfortunately they were closed. 😦 I’ve known men like him my whole life. He’s aware but innocent at the same time.

  7. Are you kidding me ????someone is actually dissing this man??? for what for doing the right thing for ‘getting involved’ He is of a caliber I thought long lost and forgotten he is a human being that cares for other human beings there is no reason for ANYONE to disrespect or be negative towards this man. He should be given a huge reward, the keys to the city and endorsements from Mcdonalds and whatever else can come his way. for men like this are few and far far far between.

    1. When I was watching the video shortly after it made the news. People were leaving ugly comments about his ghetto talking and his mess up hair and what not. I personally thought he was just being himself. Now they want to discredit him because 10 years ago he had a domestic abuse charge. People grow up in 10 years and we all make mistakes. He’s a good man and should be rewarded for his actions.

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