is this

 Abit of Heavenby ~DustysDarkRyder
Abit of Heavenby ~DustysDarkRyder

dreams that hide
in the darkness of mind
evaporate like puddles
on hot summer days
in unusual ways
a knowing wink
teases the brain with
miniscule moments of
obscure clarity birthing
spirits born of mystery
haunting ghost pulling
not forward,
back unnaturally
tangling knots of confusion
anxiety feeding on
the pound muscle
pumping blood
fueling that anxiety
screaming screams of the living.
echoing cries howl
in the chamber of time
on the edge
I stand
arms open
heart pulsating
every beat
a breath
hopes soar
where physically I cannot
dreams wake with the rising sun
rivers flow on a lonely tear
the alpha
the omega
infinity calls

11 thoughts on “is this

  1. A wonderful poetic encapsulation of the human experience;the ‘haunting ghost’ in the bio machine; the soul chained and imprisoned in the body and yet tearing at the the fabric of the universe. Wonderful.

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