I’m not really here . . . maybe I am.  I’m reading books that some of you have published on Amazon. I will  give my two cents about them when I’m finished.  I’m also working on own my novel and a new book idea that I inspire to self publishing on Amazon.  I hope by October or so.  I am devoting my time to my projects.  Not to mention that I’ve been very tired lately. I check in on twitter and I am on FB often.  I miss you all and I will be back.  Until then stay well and blessed.

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  1. Hi Kim, have been thinking of you for awhile now, funny how our souls recall the ones we love and make us think of them without warning. Each time I read beautiful words I am inspired and think of you. Take care and love to you and yours, Lorelei

  2. OK TIMES UP!!!! I want my simi-sister back …NOW! I miss you been trying to give you time and realize we all need time for our other lives but please hurry and hugs (((xx)))

  3. I know I recently left you a message on twitter, guess everything I was going throught with my health I had neglect my fb. Do enjoy your projects and I cant wait to hear all about them, Im not big on twitter, but I hope to check on on you very soon, once im caught up with my studies. Many Blessings My Friends and do take care of yourself. God Bless 🙂

    1. I’ve been missing you too Celestine. I’ve been thinking of you also. I hope that you have peace of mind now that all the formalities with your father are done. Stay well dear friend. ♥

  4. Well, when you have talent, you have to be selfish from time to time and devote your energy to it. Books don’t write themselves. social media is nice and I meet great people and read some good work, but it can keep me from getting serious about my own work if I waste too much time. You take all the time you need so I can read your book on Amazon!

  5. Hi “really not here” – just glad all is well. Busy is good. Just hadn’t seen you here in a while & was thinking about you & hoping that you were ok.

  6. I’ve been thinking of you, too, Kim, and was wondering how you’re feeling these days…good luck on all of your new projects, which sound very exciting. I’m still mulling around self publishing, but haven’t moved forward, yet. Instead, I’m writing a lot and returning to college in the fall. By the way, I deactivated my fb, so I won’t see you there anymore; too much for me to keep up with. So, take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you when you return! Many hugs! Lauren 🙂

  7. I was thinking about you yesterday. I went through my deleted mail to see if I had removed one of yours, I normally don’t. Explains why I hadn’t seen you.

    Thanks for the update anyway. Take care of you Kim

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