Don’t Sucker Me! Entertain Me!

This is a little different for me.

 While digging into the physic

of the informed mind,

I found an ac/dc connection,

to the world.


A discovery of chatter

and gossip

sparked a fire.

Igniting combustible explosives


The spot light on the needy,

that hunger attention.

Dollars raining,

on their lusting greed.


Entertain me!

Don’t sucker me!


Thousands of dollars


in a pool of drowning egos.


Envious are the struggling poor

watching the power battle

gluttony judging

with jealous words.


But. . . . . really,

who cares about the Jones?

I mean . . . . .

Kardashians, Perry, Simmons, Joli-Pitts and Tarantino

Oh …that be Spike Lee

and his mob of haters.


I said

Entertain me!

Don’t sucker me!


You do you

and I do me.


A birdie tweeted in my ear,

while my face was in a book.



I stumble,

than I tumble,

until I fell

on a pin and rest

and ended up

in that

ac/dc connection.


Where the struggling,

envies the fame, lusting liars

in the world of gossip land.

or is it an Instagram?


 ©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 09/09/2013

15 thoughts on “Don’t Sucker Me! Entertain Me!

  1. Eye see you again!
    Ok – I’ll stop that. But – I can’t help myself 🙂

    Gossip is so played out since the beginning of time. And – some call it entertainment…So not entertaining if you ask me.

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