Sweet Days A Coming

I love the fall

that’s for sure

but the rag weed

I really don’t need

a tame chill in the air

colorful leaves are everywhere

promising winter’s on its way

with its bitter cold and snowy days

at night the pipes will be knocking

the wind will get the house a rocking

warm and cozy under the covers

just right for those young lovers

from summer all I’ll miss

are rain and foggy mist

thunder and lightning too

fall and winter never make me blue

this you can trust

I am dark and mysterious

© Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 9/25/ 2013

Fall Photo credit unknown Google

Photo credit Winter Is Coming by George Colony

14 thoughts on “Sweet Days A Coming

  1. Beautiful poem for the new season, Kim…I love fall and we don’t have snow like many do in the winter, so I even like winter and the cozy feeling it brings. I love summer, too, but am really tired of the heat, especially as I get older. It just becomes more unbearable and we don’t have ac…anyway, enjoy the fall colors! Gorgeous photos, too!

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