Senryu 10012013

Greetings All,

I’ve been tired for the last few days. It might be because I haven’t been sleeping.  Tired but when I get in bed I do the “Insomnia Dance”  You might remember a poem I wrote about it some while back.  I have a few poems that are being worked on.  After I have a good night sleep I hope they will be good enough to share.  Until then here’s a Senryu

Senryu 10213

14 thoughts on “Senryu 10012013

  1. Buuuu…on the lack of sleep. Hope you can catch a good night’s rest soon – as in tonight – hopefully.
    Nice Senryu!
    Love & Hugs to you Kim 🙂

  2. Pure, caring love sounds wonderful.

    Hope you manage to get some sleep, and I am sure your poems will be good. They usually are 🙂

      1. I do that sometimes. I am glad that Siri works on notes. I will click on it and speak to put the information of my thoughts 😉

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