No More Miss Nice Lady!!


I’m going to spend the weekend with my G-daughter to celebrate her birthday which was yesterday.  She’s ten now.DSCN3509

Monday is the last day of rehab. I’m giving those abusive therapists, who had no sympathy for my difficulty on that horrible treadmill, a bag of candy. My partner is making them her famous cherry pound cake. (I’m still trying to get that recipe.)  Yea, yea they can eat it they are young and thin.  😆   Really it’s not revenge. I’m also giving them this card I made, with the following words.

oxy card

The OXYGYM Abuse!!

Drag my tired body out of bed.

I need life in my sleepy head.

A lethargic walk to the shower

before I’m abuse for an hour.

I call it the gym where I go.

Okay, it’s really rehab you know.

None the less I feel mistreated,

especially when the gym gets heated.

I fear and hate that treadmill,

after walking it I needs me a pill!

Speed too fast, incline too high!!

Oh Lord! My poor aching body! I cry.

But I kept my composure

now it’s finally over.

Thanks is what I say

I’ll see you some other day.


Also I’m going away on Tuesday.  This means I need to start packing today for the weekend and for Tuesday.  After the gym I will be pooped always am. My high school is having its 35th year class reunion. I was a super pot head in high school. If you didn’t get high with me I don’t remember you. So this is going to be interesting. I know these people from Face Book more than from HS.  My sister still lives in Pleasantville, so I will get to spend time with her and her family.  My HS running buddy is putting me up for the week I’ll be away.

Now that I explained this I went out today to take care of business that I won’t have time to do.  I held the door open for this lady to enter the bank.  She walks pass me and doesn’t say a world. I shrug my shoulders and walk to the drug store and again I hold the door for a lady and again no thank you. I go to the super market I have only two items the man in front of me has one.  The lady in front of him puts over twenty items on the counter. Yes I did count them. It’s okay the cashier is quick and is doing his job. The lady brought a few sale items and they rang up with the wrong price.  The cashier adjusts the price of the veggies. Then she had some cans that weren’t the sale price. Now she has to go back to get the right items. The man in front of me sucks his teeth and moves to make room for her to pass. She says it’s not my fault.  I responded yes it is you have over twenty items on a fifteen or less line. Her rude and wrong ass still fussed like she is right.  I again just shake my head and let it go.

I get on the bus with my bags and cane.  Young people who know better are sitting in the handicap seating.  There’s a single seat so I take that one.  This lady behind me gets up and drops her bag.  I reach down pick it up and hand it to her. Does she say thank you?  No she doesn’t.  Again my only response is I shake my head.

What is wrong with people? Is common courtesy dead? Are people so wrapped up in their own lives that they can’t acknowledge kindness? As I continue on home I thought.  I’m not helping anyone any more.  Every man for himself!  That’s not me it’s just not my nature. I’m too damn nice sometimes.  I neglected to share that I stopped in Micky’ D’s to use the bathroom.  As I was walking out one of the workers was mopping the door.  Again I held the door for an elderly lady pulling one of those rolling shopping bags.  I take it upon myself to warn her that the floor is wet.  She gave me a big smile and thanked me several times.  So the one grateful thank you out shined the three rude people I encountered.

43 thoughts on “No More Miss Nice Lady!!

  1. Enjoy your time with your granddaughter and your HS reunion! Looks like you’ll encounter some nicer, more reciprocal-love-giving folk there. Yes, acts of courtesy are esteemed as rare these days, hence the lack of response. It’s beyond unfortunate. Keep on being you. The few “thank-you’s” and meaningful encounters make the journey well worth it.

    Be Well! (Congrats on finishing “rehab/oxygym”) 🙂

  2. Have a great time with your grand daughter!!! Wonderful post! Class reunion your brave to go I don’t attend mine!

  3. I’m late to the comment party on this one!

    You’ve already survived your class reunion (Yay!) and are rocking again with your rehab (Ugh!).

    Please and thank-you are part of my core nature. Perhaps we need to gift the book (paraphrasing here b/c I don’t recall the exact title) Everything I need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten to anyone who fails to observe this common courtesy.

    It used to flummox me that some people looked shocked when I thanked them. Your experiences explain why that happens.

    Have a blessed day filled with gratitude and tons of thank-you’s!

    Oh! And, don’t blink. That cute-as-all-get-out granddaughter of yours is going to grow up way too fast for your liking. I know. It’s happening to me with mine.

    1. Yes Gloria I survived the class reunion it wasn’t too painful. My granddaughter had a wonderful birthday. I’ll be blogging about my week away. It will be a few separate entries. The rudeness in people is infectious. Kindness should be the antidote. Thanks for reading Gloria.

  4. Spending time with your granddaughter will more than make up for the time lost holding doors for ungrateful people and struggling on the treadmill.. Have a wonderful visit (and enjoy the birthday cake).

    1. A pothead morning, noon and night and in between. Yes they were. I wish it was legal they say it helps the pain. I’m trying to keep the negativity at bay. I hope to have a good time. Thanks Lesley.

  5. You will be on the go, my friend! Have a fabulous time. your G-D is a beauty! Yes, one kind person can eclipse so many mean folks. So happy you did not give up spreading joy!

  6. Happy Bday to your cutie g-daughter 🙂
    It was my momma’s bday yesterday too.

    I like your Halloween card. It’s spooktacular!
    What a nice thing for you to do after the torture they’ve put you through 😉

    Rude, rude, rude. I wonder about people like that too. But – not as much any more. I was at the point where I’d say you’re welcome…& get a look like I’m the rude one. I guess I was too. But – c’mon. A simple thank you…
    Now I look at it – their non-response only reflects on them I’ll still do whatever because that’s how I am & if theye wanna’ be rude – then – it’s on them.

    Have tons of fun with your fam & friends.
    LOL on only remembering the ones you potted with.

  7. Glad your rehab days are over too, hated that place and the time I have been home, enjoy your reunion and visiting with friends. I also am too nice I do the same holding doors etc with many a time no response I believe in taking the high road
    although I sometimes do what Al does and call out a thank you. 😉

  8. Love that card 🙂

    My sister told me today that she had to have a go at our mum because as soon as she nears 70, apparently the words “please” and “thank you” leave the dictionary. I do remember once many years ago, when I had a lot more confidence than I had now, probably something to do with what I was taking at the time. I was in the post office queue and had been for about fifteen minutes. There was still about ten people in front of me. This old lady saunters in, goes around everybody and heading up to the next available cashier. I called to her that there is a queue, and she just glared at me. So I called after her “well if ignorance is bliss, you must be f**king orgasmic!”

    I use a stick as well. Not pleasant, but sometimes handy. When I met Ute in London and we took a trip on the underground, these girls, must have been somewhere between 18 and 20 stood up and offered me their seats. Thinking back, I should have got their numbers haha. I was really touched that in London they would do that.

  9. The punishment the rude people face for their self centred rudeness is being them. There is no reward for being kind, generous and thoughtful because nobody rewards anyone for being normal. Have a good time Kim and take good care of yourself and remember that the world is a better place with you in it and everywhere you go you bring God to that place because God is with you.

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