Spending Time Away From Home Part 1

I’ve been living life in the busy lane since October 18th. On that Friday I went to my daughter’s house to celebrate my only granddaughter’s 10th birthday. My daughter tends to go out when I’m there and leaves me and her father babysitting.  I text her father and asked him if he would go to the store to get the stuff to make the birthday cake. Granddad agreed so we pretended that we were going on a date. I strapped my camera over my shoulder so that we could catch the lunar eclipse.  You can check out granddad’s blog here



We brought the fixings for the cupcakes I planned to make from scratch. I had this nagging feeling I was forgetting something but couldn’t figure it out. When we left the store the eclipse was supposed to be happenings. The moon was pretty but I didn’t notice anything unusual. My sister said the blue ring around the moon was the eclipse. Wow! (sarcasm) I got some pretty pictures of the moon though.

can you see the blue ring?
can you see the blue ring?


Saturday I woke up early and cleaned my extremely busy daughter’s apartment. She’s a boiler repair woman and had to go to work. The heat comes on in NY on October 19th so her expertise was needed. It wasn’t really cold enough for heat yet. Granddad went to get the groceries to make spaghetti and meatballs. That’s what Fancy girl wanted. Meatballs . . . I usually make meat sauce. The meatballs were delicious I must say.

My daughter the boiler repair woman
My daughter the boiler repair woman

Fancy and Kyleek my middle grandchild helped me make the cup cakes. Twelve eggs and two egg yolks and three cups of sugar mixed with two packages of cream cheese and a pound of butter. Four cups of cake flour, a box of vanilla pudding. Slowly we marry the dry ingredients to the eggs mixture. Pour some vanilla extract in the mix. This recipe is double so I could make about thirty-six cup cakes. I also had enough batter leftover to make a bunt cake. Something is still missing and I couldn’t figure it out. Okay it must not be important. I put the first batch of cup cakes in the oven. Oh my! Baking powder! Maybe they will rise without it.

Well they look good and believe it or not they were delicious. I’ll make some cupcakes in a few weeks at home and surprise the kids.


Fancy enjoying her cupcake
Fancy enjoying her cupcake

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I went home Sunday evening. My sister called and said her husband will come and pick me up on Monday. That was my last day at the gym. I can do this go to the gym, pack the last of my clothes and be ready when brother-in-law arrives.

My girlfriend who I’m going to the reunion with says she walks five miles in the mornings. I told her I would join her so I took one of those supermarket reusable bags and tossed my sweats in. And off I go.


17 thoughts on “Spending Time Away From Home Part 1

  1. Hola Kim!
    So that’s “G” eh?
    He’s a cool artist. Hope more people visit his blog & follow it after you sharing it on this post.
    I really like the 2nd pic of the moon – how the leaves outline the image. Niiice!
    So great that you got to visit your family.
    Love your daughter’s smile. So cool that she’s a boiler repair woman.

    Any cupcakes left for me?


    1. Yea that’s G. I told him he needs to visit more blogs but he just wants to create. Sorry I ate the last cupcake when I got home from Jersey. 😦 I juiced carrots the other day. I saved the pulp and going to make a carrot cake next week sometime.

  2. Beautiful daughter(takes after her mama, I know) and the babies are precious. Granddad looks good too. Love your photos glad you had a good time and enjoy your time away. love and hugs (((xx)))

  3. Oh how lovely your presence must have been.
    There’s always fun where there’s love and creativity.
    You seem to have a bundle of those in your family.
    Keep up the good work!

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