The 1978 Pleasantville High School Class Reunion

My hair is the longest it’s ever been. I’m trying to see how long it will grow. The story is my cousin use to brag that her grandmother’s hair was down to her ankles. So my warped mind says grow your hair so your grandkids can brag about it. When I was diagnosed with lupus I was given chemo therapy, the drug was Cytoxin. It didn’t force my lupus in remission but it did cause my hair to come out in clumps so I cut it to just about an inch. I was also on high doses of steroids. Hence, my over weight body. Besides the steroids making me hungry for all the bad food and pushing me into deep depression my hair was growing. It was growing all over my face. I was using Nair to remove it. I was using just about two bottles a month. The plus side is the steroid helped grow the hair on my head. Besides the length it is thick! It takes me about a half hour to wash. It takes over an hour to dry and another forty-five minutes to curl.  J said her daughter would help me. Well, since we went out for dinner Thursday night and didn’t arrive home until close to seven p.m. J’s daughter a young and beautiful young lady had a party to go to. So I fought with my hair alone. J did help comb out a portion.Copy of me78back of hair

It came out pretty nice if I must say so myself.

I felt self-conscious because of my weight. But I’ll handle it because I’m not really vain. With my back and knees I planned to wear my Sketcher’s walking shoes. J convinced me to get a pair of shoes with a little heel. The reunion was at the Mays Landings Country Club. I didn’t think to take a picture from the outside. I found a picture of the hall we were in on-line.

Me and J
Me and J


Dinner was good toss salad and a Caesar salad. A meddle of broccoli, zucchini and carrots I didn’t care for that. There was pasta Primavera, turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce. They had prime rib which I picked on for most of the evening, they also has scallops and shrimp in a white sauce. The food except that meddle was tasty. I took a oxycodone (pain-killer) before I left the house because miss lupus was trying to invade my body. So I didn’t buy a drink, water all night. Oh the best part  . . . desert . . . Taramisu and an Italian cookie. I love Taramisu and they made an excellent one.

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As I suspected I knew only a handful of people. Those who I remembered didn’t show up. Well maybe next time. The music was good. I danced for a minute then took pictures of everyone else. My camera usually works well, but for some reason the photo’s came out dark.

cunningham park 4272013 088 DSCN3641 DSCN3643

When J, her husband and I got back home J and I had a glass of wine and went right to bed. The next morning J made breakfast. She made turkey bacon, pancakes, scrambled eggs, grits and home fries. Just for me and her! I had a little of everything. The pancakes were so buttery tasting I didn’t need syrup.

I planned to meet my sister and go to her grandson’s football game than come back to J’s. I changed my mind because it would be too much back and forth and I didn’t want to put anyone out their way. I know how fast the weekend goes when you work Monday to Friday, so I asked J to take me to my sister’s and I’ll stay there until I go back to New York.

Being a New Yorker I don’t get to see too much nature. While sitting in J’s living room I saw a hawk fly by. I ran upstairs to get my camera to try to catch some of the birds I was seeing. There were blue birds, black birds and others I can’t describe. But once I had my camera they didn’t return. Only the way to my sister’s J said she had a surprise for me. The following pictures are of where she took me.cunningham park 4272013 092cunningham park 4272013 093cunningham park 4272013 091

Next Foot Ball and Church

6 thoughts on “The 1978 Pleasantville High School Class Reunion

  1. Kim, your hair is beautiful and you looked lovely for your big night! The photos were great, too, even though a little dark! I have never been to any of my reunions because my parents moved a few times, so I was never notified. My hubby and I went to two of his, though, and had a good time. xx

    1. This is the first one I went to. They’re talking about another one in 5 years. I hope I drop some of this steroid weight by then and don’t gain anymore. I pray that the Lord see fit to have me here in 5 more years.

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