The Next Couple of Days

Finished packing and I’m ready to go. Last day at the gym!! I planned not to work hard . . . my tortures had other plans. You see Friday I had some business to take care of and did some walking and told them I got my walking in for the day. So Monday they put me on the treadmill they set the incline at 7 and the speed at 2.5 and wanted me to walk at that setting for as long as I could. Six minutes and two minutes cool down.

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They were happy with the cake, candy and card. We graduated and received a certificate and tee-shirt. I’m really glad it’s over.

When I get home I change clothes and grab something to eat. Brother-in-law arrived around 12 p.m. He takes me to the bank and we stopped for some White Castles then we are on our way to Pleasantville, NJ in his smooth and comfortable Jag. He asks if I want to drive. I declined the medication I’m on makes me a bit dopey. We arrive in record time just before my sister gets home from work. She’s a teacher’s aide in the school system.

They live with my sister’s mother-in-law. She’s elderly and needs the help and company. Mom is what I’m calling her. She invites me to stay the night.

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My sister went to Puerto Rico last year or the year before. She learned how to make a perfect cup of coffee while there. She is absolutely right. It’s in the way you pour it. You pour the coffee and milk at the same time making it an equal amount of both. I like coffee but it doesn’t agree with me. I have a cup before bed and a cup at breakfast. I spent the day with mom watching MSBN and then Murray, Jerry and some other guy. I don’t care for those shows but mom enjoys them. My stomach is tossing and turning and I made several trips to the bathroom. Now it may have been the fried chicken breast and /or the White Castle. I believe it was the coffee.DSCN3588DSCN3589

I’m having internet withdrawal. At the time of my visit, my sister’s internet isn’t working. My girlfriend picks me up that evening just as I finished eating a delicious dinner my sister made.

My girlfriend has made herself a beautiful home. She and her husband raised four beautiful children. Her first two are from her first marriage who, incidentally, are my son’s first cousins. When she met her first husband she didn’t know that my son’s father was his brother. Our boys look so much alike. Her two youngest children are still at home. She says they keep promising to move out but it hasn’t happened yet.

J and I met in high school. I was sent to live with my aunt because I tended to play hooky a lot. Okay every day in the first term of my freshmen year. I enjoyed smoking cheeba, (pot/weed). I also experimented with other drugs. Not to forget I was a hormonal young girl so I kind of enjoyed the company of men. Many of who would have been locked up as sex offenders if I was growing up today. Born and raised in NY and summering in Pleasantville made me a cool kid in that small town.

Between classes I stopped in the girls’ bathroom for a quick toke on a joint. J comes in and says, “It smells good in here.” Being the generous person I am I offered her a toke. Needless to say we became fast friends. We weren’t part of a clique. We just hung out with each other most of the time. Occasionally we would go up to someone’s house to get high and party but basically it was just me and J.

J is dark skin and I’m light. Back in the 70’s there was a separation. Dark skin girls assumed that light skin girls were stuck up and conceited. Later J told me that I was the first light skin and blackest friend she ever had. I was into the black power and wanted empowerment for my people. I was angry over slavery and segregation and wanted to make a change. I was too young to know that change starts with yourself first.

I didn’t graduate with J because I was pregnant and my aunt wanted me to go back to my mother. My sister married a local man some years later and they settled in Pleasantville. My sister gave J my phone number and we feel right back into our friendship.

Spending this week with J was really relaxing. I had a good rest at J’s and my sister. The first night back home I was tossing and turning and getting up for bathroom trips. I don’t know what it is. Maybe since I’m a light sleeper the traffic that is constant wakes me up at different times of the night at home.

J’s and her husband have a beautiful relationship. They know each other so well. J is outspoken and knows what her husband wants and needs. Her world resolves around him. Her husband is laid back and easy-going. They have been to hell and back. They came out of it with a stronger relationship.DSCN3626

J cooked dinner Wednesday night. She made salmon salad, butternut squash and baked flounder. I made a big toss salad. J also had corn muffins to go with dinner. She said that was a small dinner. That she usually makes a big spread for just her and her husband. She said her children fend for themselves.

The next night we went to East Bay Crab & Grille. The bread that came before the meal was delicious. J had crab cakes and French fries. I Had dungee crab claws and crab cake balls. Good eating.DSCN3622

J was working while I was there. She is a therapist and works in and out of her house. She makes home visits. On Friday morning my son’s aunt picked me up and took me to her house for a homemade breakfast. We got caught up and I really enjoyed spending time with her.DSCN3630

Friday night and time for the reunion.