Finding My Muse in Music

I call myself a write. A writer should pay attention to details. Well that is one of my short comings. The final prompt Ben gave us the first afternoon was to listen to a few cords of a piece of music. I know it was Stevie Wonder but I’m not sure which song it was. Detail (I shake my head) I think was “Do I Do“.

Music fills my soul with dance. My spirit is up lifted and changing my sorrow to joy. You see the pain of lost seized my heart with emptiness. My mother was too young to die of a massive heart attack. But she did and left me to mourn her and seeking acceptance. I thought I would never feel happiness that surrounds my world. Like the laughter of my children, the antics of my puppy chasing his tail. Nor would I find joy in the cool, gentle breezes that tickle my heated body in the early evenings of summer. Nothing was making the sorrow dissipate.

The music played with an upbeat tempo touched something in me, something deep to the core of my being. It awakened something within me. It’s not even my kind of music but it hit a chord and I found myself smiling and tapping my foot. Finally I was exhaling to breathe again.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I love Stevie Wonder I had his 45’s and 33’s growing up.

12 thoughts on “Finding My Muse in Music

  1. Wow! You are great at fiction, I was already reacting emotionally towards the story, before I realised it was a creatively generated piece.
    Music really has it’s role to play, and that role cannot be overemphasised.

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