The first thing we do when the group starts is free writing. Just to get us warmed up. I won’t share that. The first time we met, the first prompt Ben gave us was to write our biography and in it we had to include a lie. I’m not sharing that. The first prompt that I’m willing to share is Forgiveness. This is totally fiction.


Aunt Julia kept a locked box with lots of cash inside. Mary would take a twenty sometimes two or three twenties hoping that aunt Julia wouldn’t miss it. Or if she did she would think she miscalculated. Mary would spend the cash on frivolous things cigarettes, candy and clothes. She was a teenager and those were the things important to her.

Years later Mary married a no good man who drank too much and gambled away what little money he earned. Mary found herself trying to manage the household expenses alone. She often came up short, either the lights went off or the rent didn’t get paid. Too often they would have meatless soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mary would think of the money she stole from Aunt Julia over the years. Aunt Julia wasn’t stupid she had to know someone was stealing her money. She may even had known it was Mary. But she nor anyone else in the family ever accused Mary. Now that Mary is grown and doing the best she can to care for her family. She now realizes that when she was young she was stealing from her own household back then. It was money that kept a roof over her head and food in her belly.

Today Mary wishes Julia was still alive so she could beg for forgiveness. Mary realizes that karma does come back eventually and bites you on the butt.


12 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Oh, how sad! Mary learned her lessons the hard way. Everybody will eventually learn their lessons in life, we’ve got to do things right. The privilges enjoyed from patiently sticking to due process far outweighs the quick gratification that cutting corners may offer.
    I love your creative way of teaching life lessons.
    Welldone! 🙂

  2. I’m glad to see you reaching out into new areas of writing. We need to constantly be stretching our limits, to reach out further and take new risks in order to improve.

    In your stories, try to show the reader the story instead of telling the reader. Do it through conversations, internal thoughts, settings. You can do it!

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