Mingling with Writers

CAM00123-1I am sometimes a weird and lonely creature of the human kind. I twist and turning words to create stories. Conversing with myself and using different voices. I sit at my desk stroking keys with the passion otherwise reserved for my lover’s flesh. I greedily lusting readers who will praise my talent. Who encourage me and contribute to my skill with helpful suggestions. Most of all I enjoy readers who are anxious to read my next write.


Last week I went to the Brooklyn Central library down the block from the Brooklyn museum and across from Prospect Park. The library is an artful blend of modern tables, chairs and a computerize directory. There’s a snack bar, it’s expensive but the almond croissants are delicious and fresh. Some of the walls are made of a beige brown marble. There are wood moldings in some areas. There are three floors each enclosed in glass that looks down at the main floor of the library. There are all kinds of rooms. Rooms where one can research the history of Brooklyn, music, art and more. There are areas designated for the youth, young adults and the popular library. I even found a booth that Clark Kent could use to change in. I go to the Central Library in Queens though it is as old as me it has been renovate and mostly modern.


The reason I happen to travel to Brooklyn is to take advantage of a free writing program that the NY Writer’s Coalition is sponsoring in association with NaNoWriMo.


This is Ben Dolnick. He's handsome right?
This is Ben Dolnick.
He’s handsome right?

The group is being run by Ben Dolnick who is a published author. He currently has these four books available at Amazon. First he published Zoology, next is You Know Who You Are,  then   Shelf-Love,  a great title wouldn’t you say.  An his latest book just released in September 2013 At the Bottom of Everything .  so when get a chance click on the links and check them out. I personally haven’t read any of his books yet. My calendar is petty full these days but I’m sure they are good.  I know this because in the group Ben give us a prompt and fifteen minutes to write a short story. Then if we want we can share with the group. I have not been disappointed. The stories are witty, sad, religious and profound. Ben writes also and shares his work. This is how I can attest that I’m sure his published work is good. His skills in the group blows me away.


I have gone to poetry workshops and did the poetry reading thing back in the day. Rarely do I get to mingle with other writers of stories. You guys are different, though I feel I know you all personally since we share so much of our selves with each other we can only share virtual coffee or tea if you prefer. So I anxiously wait for Wednesdays to meet with my peers in a personal face to face. Since I’ve been back from my reunion trip I have only shared about my trip. I’ve been reading blogs, commenting on a few. I do have a poem in the works that I really like. I need to get it just right. I decided to work on my stories that I’ve been writing in the NY Writer’s Coalition and share with you guys. So look for a new post in a few hours.


11 thoughts on “Mingling with Writers

  1. Oh wow! This is exciting. If you take your imagery, a mix it with your emotion, I can’t wait to see the stories you churn out! What a great experience for you, I am envious. Your description makes me want to visit the library and sit in.

  2. That sounds pretty cool. I think I’d want to stay invisible if I went to something like that. And – I’m really not that shy of a person. I just lack confidence in my writing with my limited vocab. But – for some reason – I’m fine sharing it here.

    And – yes – Ben is quite a handsome guy.

    1. There were a few people who didn’t share last night. But it’s cool everyone has their own style. There’s an African girl that speaks little English but she shares. Everyone is supportive. Ego’s don’t get in the way.

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