Smelling My Muse

FilmCanisterLast night we again were given three prompts which equal three stories and I will share them all. The fist prompt Ben pulled out a little container and told up to open it and smell it. Then write! First he assured us it wasn’t a harsh chemical or anything toxic. So around the room it went. Most of the group smiled and started writing. One lady took a bill sniff and started choking. It hadn’t gotten to me yet so I was curious.

Sniff, sniff shake and look at the contains and passed it on. So here’s the story.


He walks around with one of the old 35 mm film canisters. You know the ones we use to stash our reefer in back in the day. You won’t believe what he has in it. Coffee! Like a junkie. Yes! I said coffee. Not a whole lot just enough to make maybe one cup, if that at all. Well yes, I think its good coffee. It has a rich robust scent. No I didn’t look under the grains. Oh! Really? Who would have thought that the smell of coffee could mask the smell of drugs. Where on earth did you hear that? Figures, some TV show. Do you believe that? Well he can’t be hiding that much drugs with that little lit of coffee. Oh listen I have to hang up now. He’s coming, bye.


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