My Babies from the Earth


I want to share something a little different about me.  I love my plants and want  to show them off a little.




This is the offspring of the following Aloe Vera. The original was two plants about the same size as the offspring.


I thank the sun coming up from the east for mama and papa’ huge size.  Wish I knew how to make tequila.


This one and


this one are the offspring of the following plant.



When I re-potted the above corn plant and I put her baby in the pot with her. there’s another offspring on the table.  The one on the table keeps reaching over to its brother and mother.


I usually don’t do go with rubber trees.  This one has doubled in size.

plants 008

The above pineapple plant is almost two years old.  The branches droop.

The pineapple below is only 7 months old but she’s growing nicely.


plants 004

The following is my Christmas Cactus that I learned is also called an Easter Cactus too.

She’s about four years old and doubled in size. I have pictures of her when she was a baby but can’t find them.



plants 010

plants 007

While I was watering and taking pictures there was a sparrow that kept looking in at me.  The bird feeder was empty so I guess he was telling me he was hungry.  Shortly after I filled it up he came back .

plants 012

29 thoughts on “My Babies from the Earth

  1. ahhhh we have lots in common, my friend– I root plants in glass jars with water, when they “root” and are ready– place them inside a cute pot (must have irrigation at the bottom) with rich soil, then I give them away to friends. P.S. regarding Sparrows: You are saving the Sparrow my friend. Look what I found online: “The population of sparrows has been declining, as there is less food for them, because of fewer gardens. They are now on the threatened birds’ list in many parts of the world.”

  2. So the green thumb is alive and well at your house…I can’t grow much of any now my brother can look at a plant and I swear it starts to flourish right then and there.Love the sparrow glad you fed him 🙂 hugs

  3. That’s quite the plant nursing (If that’s the right word?) I don’t have much of a green thumb but wow is that ever neat 🙂

    Love your cute feathery visitor 🙂

      1. Well fed then 🙂 They haven’t got the guts up to come to mine yet. I’ve only had my bird feeder up for about three to four weeks

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