Cleaning House for 2014

Clip Art by Silent Kim
Clip Art by Silent Kim

for me, it’s not a wise solution

to make a list, of jilted resolutions

that I will be broken, before the rising sun

and fail, before the day is even done

None the less, I must start to prepare

for the dreams and possibilities for the year

a time to analyze my spiritual inventory

to review the good and bad of my life story

and perform a cleansing of my mind

that will be completed gentle and kind

dusting off my thoughts of inspiration

vacuum my stairs of determination

pack up my precious memories for safe keeping

and remember that my delicate heart needs a sweeping

as well as tender care, and sweet words spoken

to mend the places that’s been abused, hurt and broken

each tear will puddle together to soak away the pain

smiles hanging on the walls  will keep me sane

once I have taken that extra special care

to ensure everything is ready for the year

I will gather trinkets and stones of thought

love, peace and happiness will be sought

I will don an armor forged of tender care, love and purity

and wield the swords of daily prayers, and no obscurity

comfortably I will sit to feast on illuminating nourishment

that will satisfy my year and taste for the Divine supplement .

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria December 29, 2013

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