Follow Friday: Silently Heard Once

I am so thankful to Al at The Mix Bag for featuring me on his blog. Thank you so very much.

A Mixed Bag


“Silent Kim” describes herself as an illusionist that sees the future ahead, but is a pace behind. She is a fantastic story writer and her poetry is a must to read.

Kim suffers from “Lupus” which is an autoimmune disease that turns the immune against the organs and body parts. There are different kinds of Lupus, and Kim goes on with her life not allowing the disease to grasp the upper hand with her, keeping her own control over her body.

The poem she uses to describe herself is a brilliant one and definitely worth a read. I’d suggest heading over there and taking a look through the work she has created. You won’t be disappointed. I enjoy reading everything she writes.

She is also one of the administrators on Facebook of the Chain Writing Game that was set up by Kerrie Salsac . A flash fiction game that has authors…

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