A Flower in the Garden


Loving ourselves makes us sparkle, when we look in the mirror.

I’m part introverted and part narcissistic. My major personality flaw is saying stupid things that earn me the title of asshole. In fact the other day I was called stupid. Now once upon a time ago in the year 2013 I would have been hurt and reduced to a teary mess.

But no longer because I see my radiance, I am, therefore no one, will make me not. I am special, not the, I need medication kind of special. I have a pure heart, a kind soul kind of special, at least I strive to be. It is my desire to be surrounded by peace, love, understanding and a silent place to nurture all these precious flowers to grow.

I need to pull all those nasty weeds growing trying to tangle up my roots and choke the life and the self-esteem out of me.

I’m a continuing work in progress and my garden needs tender care. I’m a nurturing, blossoming and learning to treat myself worthy of favor.

You see there’s a light flickering inside of me and my words are attached to the tail of the wind. They are soaring in the breeze and spreading my goodness for all the world to enjoy. Inhale the aroma and delight your eyes in the splendor. For beautiful, things last but a moment appreciate them before they are no more.


15 thoughts on “A Flower in the Garden

  1. Introverted & narcissistic – very interesting!

    A beautiful post, and so glad you didn’t let that put-down get to you. “Stupid”. It’s such a put-down, isn’t it. Ah, they wouldn’t know YOU.

  2. You remind me of what, I’m always trying to keep in mind. The saying, “We march to the beat of a different drum” that’s because (I believe) those who do are exquisite!

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