Chanin Writing Game episode 17 1/4/14

Have you written for The Chain Writing Game     being hosted by Kerrie Ann Salsac.  NO!  Well you need to get started it is so much fun.  Kerrie gives a short story and we all take turns adding a part to it.  This is the second week. Last week we wrote a fund story read it here.  To catch up read the other episodes and add yours.  Don’t forget to like our FaceBook Pagechain-writing-game



Dennis climbs on the Harley and starts it as Trixie climbs on behind him. They peel away from the curb just in time to hear Bruce yell. “You bitch get back here!”

Twenty or more bikers come running out the bar and hop on their Harley’s. Bruce climbs behind Ghost, a white hair albino. The roar of all those Harley’s starting up at one time was deafening. The members of Stone Pony were whooping and hollering as they races to catch Trixie and Dennis.

“Stop and let me off. I don’t want to be a part of this.” Trixie yelled over the engine.


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