Don’t Knock Me Off the Soapbox

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I was reading Sherie’s blog, The Otherside of Ugly Letters to Humanity. One of the things I like about Sheri is she speaks to us humans with her own words. She herself has not forgotten that she is human. She speaks to us from her emotions and experiences. I comment, she responds. She reads my writing and responds. There are times neither of us may not have anything to say and that is fine.

I read a lot of blogs. Many of the writers are plagued with hubris they believe that they are the sun shining bright. That we, in blogger sphere should revolve around their words, art, quotes, photos and games. I understand time constraints and real life taking a toll on blogging life. But I too have a life, yet I humbly take the time to read and sometimes comment on many of the post my fellow bloggers share. They, you and I want someone to see, read and feel what we share with the world. We forget that to create art we need to be inspired for the creative juices to flow. Why not be inspired by fellow bloggers who want and need the same attention for their self-esteem  to be stroked just as you and I need to be stroked.

Let me also say, I don’t have followers contrary to Word Press description of the readers of my blog. I’m not a leader, you guys are my peers. Each of you that holds a PhD to those who didn’t graduate high school are my equal. Neither of us is any better than the other. I humbly subscribe to your blog to read not to increase my stats. I ask that if you “follow” my blog, that you honor me by reading and commenting once in a while. Just so it’s not a one-sided relationship. If what I write is of no interest to you than un-follow me.  Don’t just follow me to entice me to follow you.

The other day one of my friends praised my writing. I was humbled by his words. He told me some time ago he rather write than read the writings of other bloggers. At the time I didn’t agree. I believed to have readers I should read others. I’m not so sure about that now I have somewhere over 700 subscribers and under 30 daily readers. The same friend said he un-followed everyone but two people and I am one of the two that he continues to follow. I am in awe of that statement and honored to have him as a reader. He is someone who I know really appreciates what I write. He is a truly honest person.  He really writes for himself. Can we shed our ego cloak?

There are bloggers who want to share enlightenment which is a wonderful thing. But as Sheri says anyone can share quotes from Rumi, Buddha, Gandhi, Osho or any of the spiritual teachers. You can get their books free or close to free on Amazon so why should we follow you to read quotes that are already available to us. If you are spiritually enlightened, touched by the divine teaching of love, peace and happiness, whether you are washed in the blood of Jesus or any of the attributes of God, share your understanding. Not the quotes. This way you can lead and enlighten. Matthew 22:14 says. “Many will be called but only few would be chosen.” You can not choose yourself, you can walk the walk and talk the talk but that doesn’t make you a messenger. Do you think Shakespeare, Aristotle, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Kennedy , Obama or any great person in history chose to become the men/woman they became? Look at the new Pope Francis. He has stepped into the chair as the high ruler of the Catholic religion and is moving from their traditional beliefs. The world is changing and he’s changing with it. He is loved and revered by the Catholics. Even I who was turned off by the Catholic religion as a child respect this man and his approach.

It is 2014 and we are walking among the sleeping masses that need to be awakened. The alarm clock is ringing, can’t you hear it. Can’t you wake up with the stream of light shining in your window? Is the world too loud to hear and enjoy the birds waking with the rising sun? When I started blogging on Word Press there was a blogger who wanted to promote peace. I said to her one person at a time. However that wasn’t good enough for her. She didn’t just want one person to hear her message she wanted everyone to hear. I told her she needs to start with one and the one will eventually make two and so on then the world will get her message.

You see we get so blinded by our own light shining bright, that we don’t realize if we cluster together we might just make a milky way that will light the universe. If we shine alone we might burn out so we need to share our light. We all have a purpose and reason for walking this earth.  I believe we should be humble, kind, caring, thoughtful and loving.

I love this saying HUGS –  Helping Us Grow Spiritually. I heard it on the show, “What would you do?”  So I leave you guys on this Sunday with HUGS.

45 thoughts on “Don’t Knock Me Off the Soapbox

  1. I am always amazed to find real people through blogging and social media. I am science-fiction-y enough to think the people you encounter on the net are somehow transformed by the medium into weird little glow-y people like in the movie Tron. Then you post something that is earthy, wise, and directly to the point. We need to stop spending all our precious time inside out own goofy heads. We need to walk in another person’s moccasins often enough that we realize that other people’s thoughts and values can be precisely what we needed to hear at the time we read it. I appreciate the thoughtful and wise way that you shine your inner light on the road ahead of all of us.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I love what you’ve written here, it reminds me how much I have neglected the fellow bloggers who took the time to accept me into their busy lives. I do read a lot, as a writer you have to, but when time is sparse and you’re trying to hit deadlines, something has to give (not intentionally of course). I agree wholeheartedly that we should consider each other equal. I will never see myself as being better than anyone else, I don’t need my ego brushed.
    Brilliant post, I really enjoyed your candour. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading and comment. I know it takes a lot of time following blogs. I spend a great amount of my day reading emails and neglecting my writing. I don’t know if it admirable or a flaw. 🙂

  3. Have you noticed that the size of soap boxes are shrinking (smile)? Seriously, I suppose the reason people Blog and/or follow others is an individual and personal matter. But it is nice when others hang around long enough to find out what’s on your soapbox.

    1. Soap boxes are getting smaller. Yes reasons for reading and commenting is personal and these are my personal opinions. thank you for taking the time to stop by, read and comment. I do appreciate it.

  4. Well said. The idea of following bloggers so they will follow me really irritates me. I follow those who interest me. When that interest disappears, so do they from my feed.

  5. Kim your message is outstanding! You put the whole of you into all of it, but that just reminds me why you are one of the most real and genuine people I know, and I do not like saying that word ” people”, so I will say you are a wonderful friend and sister to me. You shoot straight from the hip but even more from your heart…thanks for being you! Have a wonderful evening…God bless!

  6. First let me say thank you. Thank you for who you are and what you communicate. That is why I subscribe to your blog. I appreciate your message.

    This really needed to be said.

    We are all here to support ideas and beliefs that we have in common with one another.

    Follow a blog because you truly want to read it. You sincerely want to get inside of the heart and head of the writer. Be an active participant. It’s good for you, good for the blogger and widens the circle of the message you yourself wish to be a part of spreading.

    Thank you again for this awesome and heartfelt message and for letting me be a part of your efforts here on WordPress.

  7. Reblogged this on The Other Side of Ugly and commented:
    This really needed to be said.
    We are all here to support ideas and beliefs that we have in common with one another.

    Follow a blog because you truly want to read it. You sincerely want to get inside of the heart and head of the writer. Be an active participant. It’s good for you, good for the blogger and widens the circle of the message you yourself wish to be a part of spreading.

    Thank you Kimberly for this awesome and heartfelt message and for letting me be a part of your efforts here on WordPress.

  8. Sometimes I leave comments sometimes I don’t, it depends on the content and how it strikes my inner being —sometimes it depends on my mood when reading blogs as well. I do always click the “like” button if I enjoyed what I have read. Do you think, that is okay?

  9. I have over 600 “followers.” I look back & nobody behind me. I do see a good 30 or so frequent blog peeps that walk beside me though. 😉

  10. I changed mine from “Followers” to “Readers” I don’t like the term follower. Makes me sound narcissistic. I like saying that because it has lots of s sounds

    Narcissistic Sicilian Stereotypical celebrities

      1. Is it okay to keep “followers” I never read any negative connotation into that nor ever thought about Jim Jones or any other creepy group in relation to “follow” yikes!!! How do you change it anyway? I have no clue…? I hope nobody thinks of me as narcissistic. double yikes!!!

  11. As potentially your newest follower,I would like to say, firstly,Thank You for coming by my site and following me, and secondly, I totally agree with you on your points above. I am not one to leave many comments though I do hit the like button after reading a persons post.
    Also, to let you know I am enjoying the chain writing game 🙂

  12. A couple of thoughts I’d like to share with you.

    As a long term reader, and professionally published author in many mediums over many years, I can assure any aspiring writer that unless you are also a reader, you will not likely succeed. Reading broadens ones horizons and perspectives. By not doing so, it is like you are living in a very tiny barrel, and your point of view will be constricted and of little interest to a broad audience.

    Secondly, although broad quotes are widely available, not everyone avails themselves of them. By using a quote to support a position or story point, a good writer is again expanding his reader’s perspective.

    I might suggest that one ask why it is they want to write? Just to put words on a screen and throw them out into the universe? Or is there another purpose…

    Thanks for allowing me to share a few thoughts, for whatever they might be worth.

    1. I know in order to broaden our vision we need to read. Everything that piques our interest. That’s why I said, ‘We forget that to create art we need to be inspired for the creative juices to flow.’ When I am in a writing slump I read books, quotes, blogs, the newspaper anything that may inspire me. Yes sharing quotes is a wonderful thing as I said, I merely suggest that as you share them give your own personal insight on it. We are on the same page maybe the way I expressed it wasn’t clear for that I apologize. I write for different reasons. Sometimes to help me out of sadness or depression. Sometimes to exercise my imagination. Sometimes to get things off my chest like this post. I want what I write to be read enjoyed, thought provoking and inspiring. I didn’t write this to offend anyone it is just my opinion. That is why I choose the photo I did.

      1. No offense taken. My point is exactly in line with yours. With your goals of writing, the more skill from practice and learning you can apply, the wider your readership and acceptance of what you have to say.

        Have you ever read a really poorly written book or article, and thought about what made it bad?

        If I’m reading a story, for example, and a section of poor writing takes me immediately out of the story, then as a reader, I’m going to have a difficult time re-engaging in the story, and often will just put it down never to be read again.

      2. Yes too often. When I read poorly written material t inspires me because I’m convince I write better. But I think it’s the commercialism that get books over. The Fifty Shades of Grey . . . those books were porn. The final book was the only one that displayed her writing talent. I read them to see what the excitement was about. I actually skipped the sex chapters to get to the story. I’m not a prude I like hot and juicy in my stories but I prefer more story than saucy. I’m glad no offense was taken. I usually try to avoid at all cost offending anyone.

  13. May I just say as a reader I love to read, but I don’t usually have time for a conversation. By the time I read your blog, it might be a day or two old. I live in the sticks and my connection is slow. I read what and when I can. I’m not following you to follow me back. I still don’t have my blog technically ready for the world to see. I want to get a notice when your blog is posted so I can read it when I have time. That’s why I follow you. I don’t have time to sift through all the blogs. I only follow the ones I like.

    1. I didn’t mean to offend you. I know reading blogs take time. I am merely suggesting that if anyone chooses to follow a blotter they can occasionally visit and let us know with a like or comment. I have fallen behind on reading occasionally and itnis difficult to catch up. So I start deleting some and reading few. I try to keep up but life gets busy at times. An old saying if it doesn’t apply let it fly. I am very sorry if I offended you.

      1. You welcome:) I’m use to commenting more! With busy end of year I neglected my blog and followers! I don’t believe they will I like what you said cause it hit nail on spot! 🙂 thank:)

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