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Each Sunday my good friend Al of A Mixed Bag hosts a Flash Fiction Called Photo Fiction.  He shares one of his extraordinary photo’s and we write a story of 100-200 words on what we see.  You can click on the link above to join in and/or click on the link below to enjoy the stories from other writers.


John finally took me on that cruise he’s been promising me for years. We left from the pier not too far from where the Intrepid is docked. I should have known that was a bad omen. John told me not to be silly. We’ll travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific straight to Alaska. I say okay, what do I know. After two days of water, water, water we see these Orcas swimming along the ship. We damn near tipped the ship over with everyone hanging over the rail on one side. Then out of nowhere this orange boat appears and a helicopter swoops down on the boat. It seems the folks in the orange boat were trapping baby Orcas for Sea World. I tell you I’m sure glad they got busted. They should be shamed, kidnapping baby Orcas from their mama’s and family.

I watched a documentary the other day called Black Fish.   The content touched me it is another example of the greed in humanity.

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20 thoughts on “The Cruise ~ Photo Fiction

    1. Yes it does and not just in the sea. A few weeks ago they were shooting White Owls around Kennedy Airport here in NY because they were flying where the plans take off and land causing the airplanes to malfunction and/or crash. The animal rights people said White Owls are in jeopardy of instinct. They also said the white Owls are easy to capture and relocate. Man he can be such a beast.

      1. Yes mankind can be a beast. We are so self centered. As if everything else on earth that is alive, that breaths, that thinks at any degree … doesn’t even exist. It’s as and pathetic that in this particular mentality Humanity had not evolved at all. We still see ourselves as the ALL. Heavy sigh … Xo my friend, again a great thing to share to help wake us all up!

      1. I hear all about animals especially the water creatures from my daughter. She is my future vet and has a love of marine biology. So sad how things happen when people aren’t watching.

  1. It is so sad that people find the need to do that. Is it not far better to watch them in the surrounds of their own area? Yes, they look nice doing tricks, but they are not happy. Their dorsal fins are flipped over signifying unhappiness. I think you captured that well with this story, Kim. Thanks.

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