The Chain Writin Game ~ episode 27

Have you written for The Chain Writing Game     being hosted by Kerrie Ann Salsac.  NO!  Well you need to get started it is so much fun.  Kerrie gives a short story and we all take turns adding a part to it.  This is the second week. Last week we wrote a fund story read it here.  To catch up read the other episodes and add yours.  Don’t forget to like our FaceBook Page

The following story is my final contribution.



“No chocolate but here’s a mint.” Agent Kelly said bending down to give her the mint. “I don’t want to rush you but we need to end this fiasco. The national guards have been deployed to all the China Towns around the country. We hear violence with the Chinese is escalating in the United Kingdom, Russia and even Korea.”

“No pressure right?” Helen says as she glances at her husband. “Save my husband and I will save the world.”

“We’re depending on you to stop China. I . . .we have total confidence in you.”

Helen begins punching keys on the keyboard


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18 thoughts on “The Chain Writin Game ~ episode 27

  1. Love it. Changing the chocolate for mint, and that she is willing to sacrifice the world for her husband. That’s love (selfish love, but still love 😉 )

    Nail biting conclusion.

  2. I love it. Three episodes and the capper to go and she’s negotiating for her husband’s life when tensions are at a boiling point all over the world 😀

  3. I love this line, “Save my husband and I will save the world.” Helen’s personality is emerging. I like that folks are running with the mint/chocolate idea. Nice episode.

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