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Woowhoo! I found the time and inspiration to write for the Friday Fictioneer’s two weeks in a row. For those who haven’t heard Friday fictioneeer is an addictive writing challenge.  Thanks to our host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Addicted to Purple   who provides us with a new photo to work with every Wednesday and we have until Friday to come up with an original 100 word story. It is an excellent way to fine tune your editing craft.  But it’s okay if you go over or below the word count a little.  I guess it’s okay as long as you’re not submitting War and Peace.I find it challenging to work my story down or up until I have exactly 100 words.

  At the end of my story there’s a link that will connect you with the story other bloggers shared. Please visit the link above for complete rules.  Constructive criticism welcome. to read more click on the link below.

Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau
Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau

Word count 100 PG

Our Place

Together we would run along the shore jumping the waves, laughing and holding each other.

We found a red structure built atop sea worn rocks, as if it was left there just for us. We spent many hours entwined in each other’s arms listening to the sound of the surf smacking the rocks, the gulls crying and the dolphins laughing. We shared many sunrises and sunsets lying on this end of the world. It was where our love grew as deep at the ocean.

With a gentle tear rolling down my cheek I watch his ashes blow out to sea.

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I forgot how to get the little blue fellow.

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    1. Thank you Rochelle. I’m happy to be back. I see FF is really snow balling. Last time I checked this week is close to a 100 writers. Congratulates on your success. One week why don’t use one of your drawings. You have such a wonderful talent.

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