Pieces of Emotions

Google Image STORM OF EMOTIONS - AFREMOV by Leonidafremov
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a life full of self-inflicted pain

will make one go insane

being evil, if think you must

won’t cure your lack of trust

I have my own obstacles and junk

so stain me not with your fragile funk

in my world I prefer to smile

in my world joy is allowed

if today’s tears fill a river of sorrow

what jubilation will come tomorrow

should I do more than cry

when dreams appear to die

for I know hope burns eternal light

guiding me as it glows forever bright

so with every thought, every breath

my faith will grow by height and depth

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Flora 01/06/2014

15 thoughts on “Pieces of Emotions

  1. Your image is so wonderfully captivating, a perfect blending force to embrace your words! Kim your poem is wonderfully written and so expressive of your feelings within. Your words make one to experience your emotions, the release provides a sweet healing for the soul. Know you are a blessing!

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