The Chain Writing Game ~week 3 ~episode 10

“This is getting boring!” Sam Snyder the commander shouted while punching his hand on the computer board table.

“It’s too early to queue the sun, sir.” Charley said.

“Well let’s put in some scary beast to chase them out  that cave. We don’t want the benefactors to get bored. “

“Why don’t we make a storm?” Charley suggests.

A kool-aid smile spreads across Sam’s face. “Yes with a twister and bugs the size of golf balls with teeth. The bugs can chase them out of the cave. Let’s do it Charley. Good thinking.”

Sam rubs his hands together and giggles.


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17 thoughts on “The Chain Writing Game ~week 3 ~episode 10

  1. At last, we get to see the bad guys. Okay, now I know who to kill. 😉 Trouble is, the big bugs sound pretty daunting. This was an interesting view and a necessary one. Great addition.

      1. My mind has been elsewhere these last few days so I probably won’t do my second one until tomorrow sometime, and maybe save my third for near the end

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