Photo Fiction ~ The Dare


Word Count 300

“Are you sure no one lives there?” Spanky asked looking at the top of the iron fence.

“I’m sure just climb up the bars and jump over.” Marvin said annoyed. “I’m right behind you.”

Marvin always dares Spanky to do things. Like the time he dared him to pulling up Cindy’s dress as she walked across the cafeteria carrying her lunch tray. Or the time he dared Spanky to put black pepper in Mrs. Jones attendance book to make her sneeze during class. Marvin knew his friend couldn’t resist a dare no matter how scared he was. Spanky wasn’t going to let anyone call him a sissy.

Now Spanky is walking up this dark path, that’s invisible from the road to the old house on the hill because Marvin dared him. The shadows of the old gnarly trees are reaching out from the dark and the farther they ventured onto the property the darker it becomes. The moon is full and there’s hardly a star twinkling. It was silence is eerily. On the other side of the fence they heard crickets chirping and frogs burping. They heard cars and trucks rambling on the interstate. But behind this fence the only sound they hear is the gravel shifting beneath their feet as they stepped one foot in front of the other.

Spanky whispered while staring straight ahead, “I’m not scared or anything. I just want to be sure there’s no one in that house before we sneak in.”

Marvin smiles and exposes his fangs and says, “No one but my family.”

Spanky turns around, before he could scream Marvin chomped into his neck.

Monday morning Richie is sneaking into the office at school to press the dismissal bell ten minutes early. A dare is a dare and Richie ain’t a sissy.

Every week my friend Al at  A  Mixed Bag   hostess a writing challenge  called Photo Fiction from his extraordinary photo’s he has taken over the years. A bunch of us write different and unique stories based on the what we see in the photo’s for the rules and regs. click here

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  1. It’s so frustrating losing your work isn’t it! It happens to me often, my internet connection here in Bulgaria is dire! I really enjoyed this piece, one of my faves 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading and glad you like. I have a print shop program one of the fonts are corrupted and I happen to pass it I lose my work. I have to make sure I always save. I. Hope you Internet service gets better.

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