Chain Writing Game ~week 4~Helen’s Story

Please note I spoke a little of Dennis because they are married.  In Helen’s story I gave Dennis a short background and his career.  So if anyone does his story please consider.

Helen’s Story

From The Chain Writing Game “Have You Seen Helen?”

1505 words


“Helen I have a date will you mop the floor for me? Thanks” Jan said without waiting for an answer.

“Oh no! She’s washing the dishes for me tonight.” Betsy declared with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“Oh please, she can do both.” Jan said inspecting her nails.

“Bu. . .bu. . . but I have a lot of homework.” Helen protested.

“Then you better hurry little sister.  See ya’.” Jan said grabbed her purse and sashay through the back door into the night.

Helen, the youngest of eight, six girls and two boys. Who  dump the chores their parents assigned them on Helen. Each of them has a job to do that  they are suppose to alternate every week. However when Helen turns eleven she  is washing stacks of dishes including the pots and pans. When the dishes are dry she  puts them away in the dingy yellowing cabinets. She  sweeps and mops the torn linoleum floor and wipes down the permanently stained counter top. If Helen fails to complete the chores her siblings were suppose to do and they are punished by their parents , they promised Helen she would pay dearly. Her brothers not too much but her sisters will beat her with a wet towel when their parents weren’t home. She learned her lesson after the first time she was defiant.

Her parents never notices that Helen is cleaning the kitchen by herself every night. They are tired. Her father works at the auto repair shop seven days a week. He hauls garbage for the mafia five nights a week and two nights a week he works for his brother’s cleaning service. Her mother works the day shift at the plastic factory outside of town.     On  weekends she’s a cashier at the grocery store around the corner. The two older children are in charge of running the house and they don’t care that poor Helen is over worked. Jan  make sure  Helen takes her insulin shot in the mornings and see to it that she eats. Still,  knowing Helen is a diabetic doesn’t stop them from teasing her when they have snacks to eat. Helen knows she isn’t suppose to eat the sweet stuff but being that she cleans the kitchen every night no one notices that she tastes the cookies or has a piece of cake here and there.

In addition to the kitchen her selfish brothers and sisters use the same threats to have her  clean the bathroom, vacuum the rugs and wash their clothes. Marla the oldest often makes the other kids do their  own jobs. But Marla moved out after marrying a doctor with her own family starting  she no longer cares what happens in her parents house. So Helen is still the servant sibling.

When they got a VCR’s and the Nintendo and other video consoles  it was Helen who set them up on the TV’s. If any of the electronics broke Helen is the one to repair them.  It’s the same with the vacuum, the blender,  the stereo and even the TV.  If it’s an electronic device Helen can take it apart and put it back together in seconds. She has a natural knack for gadgets. This  earned her the respect of her siblings that they began to do most of their own chores. This help free up time for her to  study. Which helped her to secure a full scholarship to MIT.

Helen’s brothers and sister were moving in and out their parents house.  None of them can keep a job or a place of their own for long. So they always  move back in.  Helen is overjoyed to have the opportunity to move not only away from home but to a new state as well. She refused to follow in her brothers and sisters foot steps. She’s going to successful.

Helen fell in love with Cambridge, Massachusetts the moment she stepped off the bus. The people are friendly and the town was quaint with an historical look. Though she has a full scholarship she still needs a job to help with her personal expenses. First thing in the morning, after settling into her dorm and getting her schedule straight Helen ventured  into town to find a job. On the corner she saw a coffee shop called The Exotic Bean. It has a help wanted sign in the window.

Helen walks straight to the counter where a handsome man, about six feet tall with dark hair and baby blue eyes. Before she can say anything, he says, “Welcome to Exotic Beans, what can I get for you?”

Helen bashfully smiles and says, “A job?”

“Okay. Do you have any experience working?”

“I can cook, clean and count money?”

The clerk smiled, “I’m Dennis the store manager. Go grab a seat and I’ll get you an application.”

There’s a warm ambiance in the room. Tiffany  lamps are hanging from the ceiling, they highlight the cherry wood and gives the room a soft  glow. College students are scattered in the high back leather benched booths working on laptops, tablets or reading text books.  The tables lining the center of the room were occupied by a few of the students but  there were also adults  all busy with their electronics. Helen notices an empty stool at the counter looking out to  the street.

Dennis returned and handed Helen the application. “When you’re finished bring it over to me and I’ll interview you.”

“That sounds great.” Helen feels anxious she doesn’t know if it’s the interview or the handsome manager  doing the interview. The fresh coffee brewing smells heavenly. Helen realizes she didn’t eat after she took her insulin that morning. That is why she is  feeling  a little light headed. She went into her pocket book to get some money so she could get a muffin or something. As she steps off the stool she falls to the floor.

Several people rush  to help.  Helen is unresponsive. Dennis pushes his way through the crowd and loosens  the scarf room around her neck  he notices a medical alert tag. “She’s diabetic. Call 911 Sylvia.”

Sylvia  calls for the EMT’s then goes to the refrigerator for a cup of orange juice. She rushes back to  Dennis. He is wiping Helen’s head with his hand.

“Here,” Helen said, “See if you can get her to drink some of this. Her sugar must be low.”

“I’ll hold her you try to give it to her.” He said

Sylvia bent down and held the back of Helen’s head as she gently tried to pour the juice in Helen’s mouth. After a few moments Helen opened her eyes and looked around a bit disorientated. When she realized what happen she is embarrassed. “I’m so sorry.”  She says.

“Don’t worry about that,” Dennis said with concern on his face. “All I need to know is that you’re alright.”

“Yes I’m fine. With all the excitement with moving and unpacking I forgot to eat this morning.”

“Well you had me scared.” Dennis said. “Can you get up?” Helen nodded  and began to stand with Dennis’s help.

“Thank you” she said. “Let me get something to eat and then I’ll complete this application.”

“It’s time for me to take a break. Let me take you up the street for a burger and fries.”

“You don’t . . .”

“I insist. Sylvia can you handle this crowd for an hour?”

“Go Dennis enjoy.” Sylvia said waving a dish towel in his direction.

The ambulance arrived as they were about to walk out. They explain that Helen’s sugar dropped and that she is fine now. But they insist on taking Helen’s blood pressure, blood sugar and listen to her heart. They instruct her to watch her sugar level and if she  feels sick again to go to the emergency room. Helen signs a release stating she refused to go to the hospital. Dennis smiles as he escorts Helen down the block.

In the diner Dennis and Helen talk about everything, movies they like, their favorite songs. Helen told him about her family and how happy she was to get a scholarship to MIT so she could study computer science. She told him about her dream to work for NSA some day. Dennis grew up in foster care but met a young lady Sarah when he was riding his Harley across country. The two of them became fast friends and they traveled the country together. They ended up settling down in Boston. Dennis  went back to school got his GED and is now attending Harvard and studying to be an anesthesiologist. He plans to one day marry and have a house full of children. Helen likes his dream except for the children part. One or two she tells him

Dennis hires Helen to work with him at the Exotic Beans. When they aren’t in classes or studying, they’re spend all their time  together. They talk  about everything. They know each others likes and dislikes. They met each other’s family. When they went to Helen’s house for Thanksgiving,  after dinner all her brothers, sisters and their family went to lounging  in the living room and watch football. Dennis stayed in the kitchen to help Helen clean. She knew than that Dennis would always have her back. They spent Christmas with Sarah. After dinner Helen offered to help Sarah in the kitchen but Sarah refused her help. After a time Helen and Dennis went into the kitchen to help anyway allowing the three of them bonded nicely This made Helen feel right at home.

Helen began working for NSA in Fort Meade, Maryland and Dennis secured a position at The Washington DC VA Medical Center. Both of them were in their late twenties when they decided to marry.   They were married in a small ceremony with only close family and friends to witness their vows.

Their wedding night was magical. The both were saving themselves for their wedding night. When their bodies merged as one they both had tears in their eyes.  They knew they were bond to each other for life. They were up most of night occasionally taking short naps in each others’ arms. Dennis made sure they took breaks in the mornings to give Helen  her  insulin  and have a quick bite to eat.  Then back to bed to finish their honeymoon that lasted five days in New York . They only saw the city in the forty minute ride to and from Midtown to Kennedy Airport.

Dennis and Helen’s vowed their eternal love for each other.  Neither could imagine living  their lives without teach other.

Helen works on a lot of sensitive projects at her job. Her clearance is almost as high as the Secretary of the State. With so many threats to the USA she is always on call. She and Dennis after five years of marriage are ready to start a family. Helen put in her papers to transfer to a less demanding position.

The morning after she put  her foe transfer  she receives an emergency call from Director Martinez.

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  1. This chain writing game is intriguing. I think you’re clever to be able to take it on. Well written. Hat off to you.

  2. Great story! It reminded me of Cinderella at the start, but Helen didn’t need a prince to get out from under her siblings’ thumbs. I love how you introduced her wizardry with gadgets early on – it certainly stood her in good stead later on.
    Nicely meshed with Maryann’s piece.

  3. I like how you showed Helen’s journey, and how her siblings actions and failures made her unafraid of hard work. It also explains her not wanting a large family. I also liked how you coordinated with Maryann to tie them together. Great companion piece!

  4. I love your story, and I think it is brilliant that you worked with Maryann to sync your stories together! It wasn’t required, but I think it makes the companion stories all the more special!

    Helen is one of those brilliant characters who got to where she is by working really hard. Nothing fell into her lap, and it makes her an admirable character. Now when I read our story back, the characters will just be all the more special for it 😀

      1. Definitely. I am holding out for the moment. I think I’ll write one for The Last Day, just because it is the only one left not talked about. Have you seen Helen is definitely the most popular 😛

  5. I knew their beginning would be sweet. In my story, they don’t meet yet because it is about Dennis’ earlier years and the only part that I see as not able to connected in the two stories is Dennis’ upbringing and family. I really enjoyed your story. I like how Helen overcame the life she had as a girl.

    1. I’m going to change Dennis life it’s only a bit and it will tie into your. So if Karrie connects them they’ll fit. 🙂 I like the angel you took with Dennis. This gives him more depth and explains his fearlessness and his bike riding skills. I think him still becoming success for makes him more endearing and Helen career doesn’t out shine him.

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