Just Routine

My thoughts are in italic.


I was last here six months ago


Oops ! Almost eighteen months, you say.

Put your arm over here.
Don’t help I’ll move the breast.
A little pinch.

Okay keep still
and hold your breath.
Breath and step back

I have to take films in different angles.
Grab up here with your arm.
Keep your other arm down at your side.
A little pinch.
I’m sorry your breasted are dense.
Hold your breath.

Okay put your robe on.

You can have a seat outside.
Twenty minutes.
I’m sorry

The doctor needs more films.

Okay just stand right here.
Lift your left arm over here.
Okay good.
A little pinch.
Hold your breath
and breathe.

Go have a seat again.


Waiting, waiting and waiting.
I’m sorry we still need a few more films.

Put your arm here.

A little pinch.

Hold your breath

and breathe.

Okay this should do it.

Go take a seat and we’ll call for the sonogram

I’m the only one left.

I wonder what they see.

This is nerve-racking.

They don’t have good snacks and I’m starved.

Ok it’s time for your sonogram now.
the is going to be sticky.
She pushes the ball into my breast.
She rolls the ball around.
Taps on the keyboard.
Repeat with the other breast.
Excuse me.  I’m going to get the doctor

and let her have a look.

Sigh!  It’s nothing. I just wish they hurry up.
The calcification on the right breasted have changed.

You now have calcification on your left breast.
You need to have a biopsy.
If it benign we will need to biopsy the right.
If it’s malignant we will treat both.
Don’t worry
these calcification are usually nothing.

I had a routine mammogram a couple of weeks before Christmas. I was told I needed to have a biopsy.  It was my choice to wait until after the holidays.  It was supposed to be done last week but the doctor canceled.  So it must not look threatening, right? Well either way I’m not afraid I’ve been through this before.  It’s just aggravating to go through these changes. It’s my own fault I didn’t keep up with my appointment.  I’ve been having mammograms every six months for years.  This will be my second biopsy.  It’s just some more of the joys of aging.  No sympathy please God has me cradled in his arms.

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 01/20/14

46 thoughts on “Just Routine

  1. True, we need to guard well our health, and the safe quality of food we eat, even the kind of medicines we take. Almost everything has become toxic for the consumers, and very few are vigilantly aware. I wish you wellness and healing, Kim!
    Love and hugs!

  2. Each year I go through similar anguish. Each recall makes me sick with worry. My Mom is a 12 year breast cancer survivor so, I always think of her journey and keep in mind each year also brings stronger methods of healing and with you going every 6 months, I know you are indeed in Gods arms.

  3. I never knew hysterectomy is a risk. I had it about almost six months ago due to severe fibroid. Even after that I have had checks for cervical cancer periodically and have had my vaccines. With mammo I’ve had it twice. I think it’s high time I went for a total and complete check.

    I like your positive outlook, Kim. Yes, God had you cradled in his arms and you will be fine 🙂

    1. Yea the hysterectomy is new too me. Yes go early detection is the key. I really thought I went 6 months prior. I had my hysterectomy 7 and 1/2 years ago. My fibrose was the size of a grapefruit and was attached to the surrounding organs.

  4. Always something as we get older. I have had other types of appointments with questionable results & have been on 6 month cycles for re-checks. So far – so good & hope all will be ok with you too.

  5. I’ve had a few scares – calcification came up once (I joke that my breasts are turning to stone!) and something turned up once that looked like it might be Big C – or a cyst – but was neither. I’m technically at risk because I’ve never had children and I’ve had a hysterectomy. You describe the scenario of having the mammo and the waiting very well. I once had to wait after a mammo to see a doctor and got out my notebook to continue with a short story I was writing. By the time the doctor came, I was lost in my writing and had completely forgotten where I was and looked in puzzlement at his amused expression – I’d also forgotten I was sitting scribbling away naked to the waist! Hope this brightens your day! Ann

    1. Thanks Ann for your encouragement. I didn’t know having a hysterectomy put you at risk. This is the second biopsy I had different breast. They mention dried milk ducts. But I am also a risk for family history grandmother to my daughter. My sister as well. I’m sore but they found it quickly and I was out in no time. The snow made it challenging getting home..

      1. That’s a difficult scenario, for sure. I can imagine it is the cause of distress and worry. Well, you are being well guarded and that will ensure you stay safe and healthy. My grandmother had a mastectomy in her 70s (in the 1960s) but don’t believe it was cancer. Don’t know why they did it really. I send you a smile and a prayer. 🙂

        1. That’s what they did back then. My grandmother had a mastcetomy in the early 80’s. It wasn’t cancer either. The nurse called just a minute ago and it was negative. 🙂 I new it was going to be ok.

          1. Oh I’m so glad. That was a fast answer to a prayer, or …. not! At the time my grandmother had her mastectomy, I was a (16 year old) student nurse in the same hospital. I accompanied her to the door of the operating theatre. All I understood was that it was to do with fluid building up in the chest area. Anyway, I hope you will celebrate your news with a big cake or something naughty! Ann

  6. The fact that they did not say “no, you have it done now” or the fact that they cancelled say that it is not really a problem.

    You will be fine Kim 🙂

  7. I like the combination of the clinical and your own observations. Well done Kim. I do hope all goes well for you today. And you have a wonderful outlook on life in believing ‘God has you cradled in his arms.’ Excellent piece.

    1. Really? What is safe to eat. The meats are full of steroids. Fruits and vegetables are full of pesticides. Seafood is raised in contaminated water in the ocean even in the the farms in China where we get ours from are suspect. When I get up I’m going to send you two links. Family history and my misdirected youth are to blame.

            1. Thank you for these, very different, links. I you are interested in trying to minimise your intake of toxic foods you might want to subscribe to the http://www.wakingtimes.com e-mail list. (It’s free) They post a lot of articles on healthy eating and also other health issues and approaches, among a wide range of often interesting and sometimes enlightening topics.

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