Photo Fiction ~ The Ring

Photo Credit Alistair of  A Mixed Bag
Photo Credit Alistair of
A Mixed Bag

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I’m sure this is the spot he asked me to meet him at. Those are knights or maybe they’re court jesters. The only thing I’m sure is that it’s a stain glass window. Really he could have chosen some place has seats. I guess I shouldn’t complain, after all it’s not everyday a boy asks you to marry him.

I’ve been waiting for David to ask the question since we graduated college and started working for BMK Broadcasting and I started working at Kennedy elementary school. Every time I brought up marriage he would say he wasn’t ready.

You can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the beautiful engagement ring I saw while looking for a pen in his desk draw. I wonder where and when he’s going to pop the question. It might be today at this old castle museum. He said he had something important to ask me. I am so excited I can hardly keep still.

Here he comes now. Who’s that woman he’s with? She must be a photographer.

“Jessica thanks for meeting me. This is Cathy.”
She reaches to shake my hand. I notice she has on the engagement ring I saw last night..
“I didn’t plan for you to meet like this but it was unavoidable.” David was saying.
He’s breaking up with me. He’s marrying Cathy. Don’t let those tears fall. Don’t wipe your eye.  Swallow and get the lump out your throat.
“Come on just say what you have to say and get it over with.” I said.

“Okay, Jessica will you marry me?” David asked.

“I’m confused why does Cathy have on the ring?” I ask.

“Cathy is my sister. She tried the ring on when I showed it to her now it’s stuck on her fat finger.”

Every week my friend Al at  A  Mixed Bag   hostess a writing challenge  called Photo Fiction from his extraordinary photo’s he has taken over the years. A bunch of us write different and unique stories based on the what we see in the photo’s for the rules and regs. click here

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24 thoughts on “Photo Fiction ~ The Ring

  1. What a twist, Kim. 🙂

    But you know, In Ghana or Africa,what Cathy did would have been frowned upon. Why would you try on the engagement ring of your sister-in-law to be? She would have been suspected of being a witch 🙂 especially so since it got stuck on her fat finger 🙂

  2. Perfect twist at the end! I’m glad you didn’t go the obvious route. The way you did it made it so funny. Especially since that sounds so much like what a brother irritated with his sister would say 😀

          1. I am way behind. I still haven’t done Charley’s story yet, and I am babysitting tonight. I think I will take my laptop with me and write it there.

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