Sunday Photo Fiction ~ Missing


The sun was already burning the grass in places.  The stream was flowing rapidly but it wasn’t as deep as usual at this time of year. Tonight forecast promises to be a cool evening with torrential rains.  I wanted to walk over the bridge and take in the fresh scent of the wild flowers blooming. We took a sack with tuna sandwiches, Coke-A-Cola’s and mama’s homemade pound cake.  Wilhelm had a sheet rolled up in his back pack.

“How about here? It looks like a good place.” Wilhelm said.

I sucked my teeth, knowing how lazy Wilhelm is.  I would prefer to go further back in the woods. You would think, the thought of spending the afternoon making out would inspire him to please me.

“Alright I guess.”  I said sighing.  It was a nice spot, secluded and we could hear the birds above the water rushing over the rocks.

Wilhelm laid down the sheet. After sitting on the sheet and I served our lunch. Wilhelm sat close to me and undressed me with his eyes and tickled my neck with his finger tips. I felt my cheeks burn so I dropped my eyes.

“Here eat your sandwich.  I made it with love.” I said giggling and pushing the foiled wrapped sandwich toward him.

Wilhelm laughed and tore the wrapper off and bit off half the tuna on rye. He then reached for the Lay’s Potato chips then lays back looking up at the billowing clouds.  The day was perfect a soft breeze the sound of the children in the distance.

“Wilhelm.”  I said tapping him on his knee.


“There’s a leg at the edge of the water.”

When the police arrived they confirmed it was the body of the Billy Stevens that was missing for fifteen weeks.


300 Words

As I began writing I let the story go where it wanted and I ended up writing it on Avonte Oquendo This young autistic boy was missing since October 14, 2013.  Last week they found his body parts on a beach in Queens, New York.  My heart and prayers go out to Avonte’s family.

Every week my friend Al at  A  Mixed Bag   hostess a writing challenge  called Photo Fiction from his extraordinary photo’s he has taken over the years. A bunch of us write different and unique stories based on the what we see in the photo’s for the rules and regs. click here

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction ~ Missing

  1. I like how the story went. So sad though. Even more sad because reality is that many kids go missing & are later found dead. Who would ever hurt anyone – & a child at that – is beyond me. It’s beyond insane. It’s pure evil.
    May Avonte & all the little angels in Heaven rest in peace.

  2. 300 words used quite well! I enjoy reading writings that pull the fiction and non-fiction together.

  3. Great story–yours; and I was so saddened by the true one in NY–I’m old enough to know better, yet I still ask, “how can such horrible things happen?”

          1. That’s what I mean–doesn’t really comprehend what’s happening to him, around him, only that it’s BAD, and can’t even speak. Well, my comfort is that he’s in the arms of God now–no more suffering for the poor little angel. My prayers continue for his family–oh, such grief.

  4. Lovely story Kim laced with the sensual and the sad. One hates to think of being in that situation of discovering body parts, but you have handled it so very well. I enjoyed this very much.

  5. There was a similar case, about a man gone crazy who did something similar to a foreign exchange student here in Canada, I can’t imagine what the family must still be going through. That’s quite the fiction Kim!

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