Chain Writing Game Wk 5 Ep 24

As they reach the eighth floor landing, the door above them swings open.  A creature with large round eyes on top of its head stands before them. He drops down to his four short legs with claw toes and slowly crawls toward Ben and Kelly.

Kelly backs up and feels for the door knob.  She gets the door open and pulls Ben inside with her and they slam the door and bolt the lock.

Ben takes the cell from Kelly and calls his uncle.

“No don’t call Victor.”

“He might be able to help.” Ben pleads

“Your uncle is dangerous.”


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10 thoughts on “Chain Writing Game Wk 5 Ep 24

  1. Yup. That’s what I thought. Getting upstairs won’t be a cakewalk. And who knows what Victor will do? Ben might be seen as a liability at this point for what he knows. Bringing Victor into the picture might put Ben in more danger than the creatures do. Hopefully, our heroes can survive on their own.

      1. Yeah, I’m hoping that Kelly and Ben get together. I think Kelly was already interested in Ben and the elevator scene was a means to get to know him. But then her job as an job operative testing the BIUs got in the way. It seems they’re getting closer during their adventures, though. In the end, they can always say their first date was one to remember!

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