This is What I Know

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if they knew what I know
they would savor the flavor
of sweet innocence
before the bitter taste of age
wilts the blooms of youth
don’t taste the frosting
before the cake is sliced

if they knew what I know
partake of fire water
mixed lactose and coke
smoke the weed
and other stuff
an enlarge heart will surely grow
drugs of choice will be prescribed

if they knew what I know
salty munchies
chocolate aphrodisiac
don’t stick on little bodies
one day in the mirror
an overweight person
be looking at you
scratching their head
wondering what the hell happen

if they knew what I know
they would delight
in hot baked sex
instead of being a glutton
for the eye candy lust
won’t get lost with a map
of passion to your true love

if they knew what I know
the youth won’t see
they pity your expiring
they have little or no respect
making the flavor of age
is offensive

If they only knew
they’d hold the door
give up their seat
and respect your victory
for I know
we all don’t earn
these days of age

ยฉKimberly Wilhelmina Floriaย  01/27/2014




27 thoughts on “This is What I Know

              1. Yeah I know just what you mean. Im the same way. I toss and turn lastnight. Im just not please with the insurance law going on. I find out last Friday, that if I come back to er, they have to wait to my labs come back before I can get pain meds. It takes a long time before labs come back sometimes. I pray if I get sick I can just go into the doctors office, so I can get admitted like that. Im just want warm weather, to give me some relief. But im alive so I should quit complaining, I know. I pray you get some sleep tonight. God Bless ๐Ÿ™‚

              2. I know about the law. My orthopedic doctor won’t take chances. I asked him to give a scrip without a date and he refused. So every three months I have to visit so he can write a script for my percocets. I understand people abuse so those in need like us suffer. I hope you get sleep too.

              3. Its worse your way as well? Well all I have to do when I need pain meds is call my doctor for scripts, I get them every month. I don’t have see him in office. I pray something change for us whose in need. I only go to hospital when my regular pain meds isn’t working. Me and you both need some sleep. God Bless You

  1. This is a great poem Kim, I really like what you are saying in this piece. I am tempted to write one of my own using that mantra, ‘If They Knew What I Know……you raise some excellent points and I think you make a strong comment on society. Very well done.

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