Friday Fictioneer 1/28/14 ~In the Garden is a Tree

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In the Garden is a Tree ~ 100 words.




Where did you say this picture was taken?” Nine year old Moses asks.

“Fifty miles up hill.” His grandfather Seth answers.

“There were trees up there?”

“Yes. Once upon a time, trees were all over.”

“Wow!” Moses responds. “What was this place for?”

“This is where they would cut the trees down.” Seth says.


“People didn’t respect nature. They abused the environment. The brush fires destroyed the rest.”

“What about your tree in the center of the garden?”

Seth closes his eyes and smiles, “I protect this last tree on earth to teach the world about good and evil.


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 1/28/14

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Yes that’s my for this week’s  Friday Fictioneer’s challenge. This was a difficult prompt for me but I was determined to write something.

For those who haven’t heard Friday fictioneeer is an addictive writing challenge.  Thanks to our host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who provides us with a new photo to work with every Wednesday. We have a forum to display our flash fiction. We have  until Friday to come up with an original 100 word story. I edit my story until I have exactly a 100 words. For me it’s an excellent way to perfect my editing craft.  Rochelle doesn’t mind if you go over or below the word count a little as just as long as you’re not submitting War and Peace.



At the end of my story there’s a link that will connect you with the story other bloggers shared. Please visit the link above for complete rules.  Constructive criticism welcome. to read more click on the link below.

84 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneer 1/28/14 ~In the Garden is a Tree

  1. Interesting and inspiring. A good warning for the present generation to wake up and start doing something for Nature before its too late. The idea of preserving that last tree is lovely though. Seth is a wise person 🙂

  2. If I remember my bible trivia (oh, I know ALL SORTS OF THINGS, darling!) isn’t Seth one of Adam & Eve’s other children? Very clever story, and if the Seth reference is intentional, 10 points to you.
    I’m not writing this week, but I’d love it if you’d drop by my blog for a second anyway, I posted a big announcement today

  3. Keeping pace and thematic ideology with last week, yes? So thought provoking… these stories work so well together! One of the main character’s in my novel is named Seth, so I always find it compelling to read that name somewhere else! I really love the mood of this Kimberly. Really excellent!

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